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Top Christmas Picks from Rockett StGeorge

Top Christmas Picks from Rockett StGeorge

Every year, I buy something for Christmas from Rockett StGeorge, to decorate my home with. I suspect it is because I don’t really go for traditional decorations (although, you still can from their site) but like something a bit different, colour-wise for the Christmas Tree, baubles that are fun and a little quirky, or unusual items for my table. I suppose that fit with my decorating persona.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at their Christmas collection back in September and absolutely love some of the really quite cool decorations they have this season, hinting at the 70s vibe we are seeing in interiors at the moment, and always tongue in cheek, witty and to make you smile.

So, I’ve chosen some of my top picks for Christmas this year, for the tree, the mantelpiece and the table.

I’ve written a few posts about Rockett St George, so won’t be dwelling on the brand again in this post, you can read more about Jane and Lucy and their ethos here

So, let’s look at my top picks and why…


The New Collection

The Tree

I seriously love the rock and roll vibe in these tree decorations; from a juke box to a boom box, Prince to Amy Winehouse, it is definitely about adding a colourful and fun look to your tree. Rocket StGeorge are all about “extraordinary interiors” and I think this bauble collection illustrates just how much they can push the boundaries in our homes.

Christmas, to us interior folks, is all about design, decoration, individuality and of course fun. Celebrating Christmas and expressing your personality through ornaments, is a really great way to make your Christmas as individual as your decor.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to using this collection on the tree, mix it up on your mantelpiece, add a little touch to your bar cart or even add these to plates at the dinner table for something a little bit different and definitely a talking point, say for a New Year’s Eve party.

You can shop the Christmas collection here, or browse the look book to see how to style them in your home

rockettstgeorge_Merry Xmas Bitches Christmas Jumper Hanging Decoration_highres.jpg

This next set of baubles play to my sense of humour; witty cool and one-of-a-kind, the ubiquitous Christmas jumper with a difference, the types of presents I might like to receive; gold converse sneakers, a Chanel handbag, Prosecco. Do you think this might be a good reminder of my husband if I place them prominently on the tree?

I adore the red lips and the rainbow adds a little bit of sunshine to the tree, and is something the kids will love.

I think it’s fun to be playful with your Christmas tree, or some element of your Christmas decorations, it is the season to be jolly, after all.

It is also the time, for gold and glitter, sparkles and smiles, and adding one of these decorations tied in a bow to an extra special present, would be something I’d certainly love this year.


And, if you want to stick to more traditional, or a more muted colour palette, that is still representative of Christmas, how about these fun bejewelled beetle hanging decorations; these will certainly catch the light on a Christmas tree. Or, bring a bit of luck with the wishbone one you can see above?

Love and Peace, the dove hanging decoration below has that too.


The Table

I’m a big fan of dressing the table at Christmas, I rarely need an excuse to go all out and let my maximalist tendencies shine through. In fact, you can see how I decorated with some Rockett StGeorge items on my table last year here.

Because you are likely to be spending a great deal of Christmas day over lunch, I think it is important that your table is given some thought decoration-wise.

rockettstgeorge_Blush Pink Woven Linen Tablecloth_lifestyle_highres.jpg

So, what do I use to make my Christmas Table work for me?

“Smell”-using herbs (a small snippet on a plate tied to your napkin) or within floral arrangements, eucalyptus and candles,

“All that Glitters”-using gold cutlery as you can see in image below, which will shimmer in the candlelight. Adding baubles to your table.

“Texture”-linen tablecloth and napkins (with the added bonus these don’t need ironing ahead of the big day), a sheepskin over a bench.

“Mismatched Tableware”, to give an authentic, and more personalised look.

“Flowers and foliage”, whether shop bought or simply cut from your own garden.

“Glassware” you can play with different colours and sizes.

“and don’t forget the kids” some hidden chocolate coins to be eaten after dinner, homemade crackers and jokes.


This year, I will be using pink table linen as it contrasts beautifully with my dark walls and is a neutral backdrop for the main items to shine from the table. I’ve chosen dark plates which will then bring in the dark contrast and vintage glasses. Gold cutlery is a must for me on Christmas Day.

You can shop these Christmas Table items here.

And then I will layer the table……..

rockettstgeorge_Pack of 4 Linen Napkins - Blush_highres.jpg

Along the middle of my table, I like to adorn fir branches or eucalyptus, interspersed with fruit and, of course, beautiful flowers. You could use the black honeycomb vase to create floral displays and matching tea light holders to correspond the black of the plates. I adore these Christmas trees which would sit nicely between the foliage, in fact I used two colourful sets last year to do just that.

Mixed in with the real fruit; I use pomegranates, plums and oranges at this time of year, you could add in the apple and pear candles.

And finally, the angel candleholder would be my centre-point, bang in the middle of the table, and not forgetting something quirky to hold your wine bottle; this octopus bottle holder.

The Mantle


I’m blessed with huge marble fireplaces that I like to dress for the season with faux and real foliage, actually tending more to faux foliage these days, so that it lasts throughout the festive season. You can see how I created last year’s mantelpiece here. I used faux eucalyptus in that instance but ivy or holly or fir branches would work just as well.

Interspersed within the foliage will be hanging honeycomb decorations, candles, miniature Christmas trees and decorative items and I will usually string along the mantelpiece a garland of some sorts. You can see a selection of items that are my top picks from Rockett StGeorge for my mantelpiece this year, in the photos below.

I actually can’t wait to get started on my Christmas Decorating this year and you will have to wait and see which item I actually bought to add to my Rockett StGeorge burgeoning Christmas collection, but it is coming soon I promise

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