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Rockett St George's New Paint and Autumn and Winter Collection

Rockett St George's New Paint and Autumn and Winter Collection

On Monday 3rd September, I was lucky enough to be invited to The Ivy in Brighton to preview the Rockett St George (RSG) Autumn/Winter and Christmas Collections and their new Paint Collection and I'm bringing you a peak at both of these collections here.

Packed full of colour and texture, this is a truly stunning collection, as you'd expect from an iconic brand set up to revolutionise the way we think about interiors. Rockett St George have, for a long time, been one of my go to places for interiors. Often, when people comment on items I showcase in my home on Instagram, they have come from this online retailer, because simply, this is a great place to find something that is often truly unique.

I interviewed founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George (back in the very early days of my blog), just after they had launched their coffee table book "Extraordinary Interiors". You can read all about their story here.

Rockett St George Paint Collection

Rockett St George (RSG) have just launched a new paint collection; carefully curated with distinctive tones and shades in collaboration with Craig and Rose, one of the oldest paint manufacturers in the UK. Craig and Rose have been creating premium paints since 1829 and are known for archive accurate colours and an intensely matt finish that gives a real depth of colour.

The shades have been very specifically created with the RSG customer in mind and there are 18 different shades to choose from, including the dark tones RSG have become known for. But it is not a dark paint collection; there are rich hues, glamorous neutrals and earthy greens and you can mix and match paints in the collection to create a room as unique as you are.

If you want to explore the collections which includes Eggshell, Chalky Emulsion and Gloss paint, you can do so here. I've summarised the collection below.

Dolloway, Juniper Leaf and Cloisters from L to R

Dolloway, Juniper Leaf and Cloisters from L to R

Earthy colours are making a big come back into interiors as we head into Autumn and here we see greens, browns and fleshy coloured nudes, which will compliment or contrast with a wide variety of room schemes. Being a green loving girl, I'm particularly fond of both Dolloway and Juniper Leaf in the photo above.

"We wanted to create a collection of paint that can be mixed and combined with other colour choices in the collection. A personal favourite of mine is Hope Park Juniper Leaf (the darkest green you see in the photo above) and Cloisters (the fleshy neutral colour above)-the vivid green against the sandy cloisters is stunning" says Jane Rockett.

Azunte, Payne's Grey, Portobello colours from L to R above

Azunte, Payne's Grey, Portobello colours from L to R above

Deep and vibrant blues are still on trend in interiors, and a combination of inky blues have been created as you can see above, allowing you, the RSG customer, to choose where a darker less vibrant blue might be more appropriate in, perhaps, a bedroom or whether you want a more stimulating vibrant blue in, say, a bathroom. Deep navy would also be lovely, combined with the softer pinks of this collection.


Rustic earthy hues and sunset glows, the inspiration behind the terracotta tones; rich reds, burnt orange, deep brown and ochre. These colours will definitely warm up a room for Autumn.



I am seeing throughout the current paint collection releases this year, that neutrals are definitely making a comback into the interior and particularly the interior paint scene. If you are a dark lover like me, you don't have to go the whole hog and paint your entire house neutral, perhaps just the top half of a wall.

Above you can see a selection of mid-tone nude neutrals that are soft and will warm a house, particularly a north facing room and inspired by RSG travels to Morocco. Think "sun kissed" warm plaster!

These will tone beautifully with some of the darker browns, blues and greens.


"At RSG greys are our go-to colour and we think that everyone needs a grey room in their home" Lucy St George.

Rockett St George Autumn/Winter Collection

Tactile and full of texture, the newest additions to the RSG collection will really add depth to your interior. Think velvet, fringing, leopard and animal print, but on a range of accessories and furnishing allowing you to decide whether you are going to fully embrace you interior rock goddess or 70s vibe, or just dip you toe in the water.

I particularly love these fringed lights in a range of stunning colours for Autumn (these are on my lust list). These are a decent size without being too large and just adding one lamp to a room can really enhance the texture and colour of your space.

Rockett St George Beaded Accessory Collection

RSG have designed a one of a kind collection of beaded cushions, placemats and coasters both glamorous and humorous for your home. "Do the Hustle" "Peace Hand", "Red Lips", "Rainbow", "Devil" and "Angel" and "Yes" and "No".

Cushions are real statement pieces to add to your chairs and sofa's at home. You only need one to scream interior cool!


Rockett St George Animal Print Collection

For all you Interiors Rockstars out there, RSG have created a fashion inspired Animal Print Collection. Featuring RSG own design Leopard Love and Sexy Snakeskin you will find these prints on lampshades, chairs, armchairs, cushions and wallpaper. 

rockettstgeorge_leopard_print_velvet_lampshades_lifestyle_highres copy2.jpg

Leopard Love is a much loved rock "n" roll design that has been on catwalks and in wardrobes for years, because it is so easy to wear. "Our animal print designs are not only seriously cool, but when on the wall create a beautiful backdrop for your home" Lucy St George.

Below is Sexy Snakeskin which will also compliment most decor styles.


I really love the chairs below, which I would use at a dressing table or even mix and matched with other chairs in your dining room (like the velvet fringe lamps, these are definitely on my lust list)


So there you go, a whistle stop tour through these collections which you can shop at RSG here. I'd love to know what you favourite part of the collection is.


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