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 Embracing the Furniture Trends of 2019 with

Embracing the Furniture Trends of 2019 with


The Cleo Bed

The Cleo Bed

I’ve lost count of the number of different beds that I have slept in over the last four years. Travelling up to 3 or 4 times a week means I have experienced a wide and varied range of hotel beds, what is conducive to a good night sleep and what is not, and so given half the chance, it is something I could wax lyrical on.

But, I have picked up on bed comfort in other blog posts so today, I am focusing on trends in furniture, specifically those that relate to beds and how I have incorporated some of these into my home working with

Yes, that’s right, while you might naturally associate with sofas, they have become my “go to” place for beds ever since I chose the Audrey Bed in Ochre Velvet, which you can read about here.

If you follow interior trends and have read the top furniture trends of 2019, for example here, you will see a number of key themes coming through this year.

The Cleo Bed

The Cleo Bed

Curved Furniture Trend

The Audrey Bed

The Audrey Bed

Soft and sensuous, curved furniture is set to be a big trend for 2019, whether it has round or scalloped edges, or the furniture itself curves, we will see it everywhere from armchairs to sofas, to beds, lamps and mirrors, even kitchens. This trend first started featuring in Milan in 2018, but as things take a while to filter through into the high street, we are now seeing this type of furniture aplenty in 2019.

Perhaps, inevitably this is a reflection on the current trend for making our home a cocooning environment, where we can retreat and relax from the outside world. Where our furniture feels like it is giving us a big hug. Rounded furniture and curved backs, complete with warm colours, are all about making your home, homelier.

Perhaps. it is simply a reaction to years of boxy clean lines, and minimalism, made more popular with the recent mid-century trend. Perhaps, it is a nod to the 1970s trend which has become more popular in recent years.

I first embraced the curved furniture trend with my Audrey Bed from I describe here how the shape transformed my comfort in bed, how the plush headboard supports you, cocoons you, and is great for sitting up and reading the Sunday papers or a good book against. So, given how happy I was with that bed, it was no surprise that I turned to another curved bed, this time the Cleo Bed.

Cleo has a fluted, padded back and a subtler wing, but non-the-less provides all the comfort I had come to expect from a bed.

Having had metal bed frames for the last decade, it has been a pleasant surprise, just how much of a difference curved furniture, specifically a curved headboard, has made. After all, with a metal frame, reading became a daily challenge of piling pillows at just the right angle to support me, but also subject to slippage at any point in time. Now, I have beds that provide the support and the texture in the material makes them extremely comforting.

IMG_2254 copy.jpg

And on that note, we come to another trend of 2019;

Rich Warm Velvet Colours for Autumn

I have written at length about the benefits of velvet furniture before. The velvet trend has been around for a while now, I have been embracing it since 2015. But, that doesn’t mean it will suddenly go out of fashion. Interior trend curves tend to be a little longer to mature than fashion trend curves, and I think that, while we will see other textures such as cord coming into the market, velvet will be around for a while longer.

And even if it does move off trend, I will continue to embrace the material, since it is tactile, it feels soft against the skin. When you embrace colourful velvet, it brings opulence to any room. It creates a statement piece of furniture.

IMG_1718 copy copy.jpg

For both my beds; Audrey and Cleo, I have chosen to use the material, in rich autumnal shades, partly because I tend towards these colours on the spectrum, but also because the colour adds warmth and depth to my rooms. It creates a richness, a cocoon, that allows me to relax.

We will see the lighter pinks of summer move towards duskier pinks, teamed up with burgundy, brown, burnt orange and russet colours. And, with my Cleo bed I have chosen a burgundy red to team up with the pink in this room.


Luxe Headboards

According to Elle Decor, Luxe Headboards are another trend for 2019. "Imagine savouring sweet dreams at home nestled beneath sumptuous fabrics. Upholstering your headboard in jewel-toned velvet adds a touch of sophistication in the often-subdued sanctuary of any bedroom.”

In many ways, luxe headboards give any bedroom that “hotel feel”, a hint of luxury in a room. They make a statement, most are becoming oversized, padded, comforting, more is more.

Both of the beds I have chosen, fit this bill perfectly. In fact, many of the bed choices on, will allow you to embrace this design trend.


Cosy Beds

Finally, the trend in beds moves towards “cosy”, I suspect driven by the cultural references I have been writing about recently, the need for our homes to become havens from the outside world, from the stresses of modern life. Naturally, luxe, curved headboards will provide an element of this in any bedroom, but we mustn’t forget how we make our beds; linens, texture, pillows and cushions, blankets and throws, all help to achieve a cosy and comfortable place to relax.

IMG_2240.jpg, are experts in design and craftsmanship, and have been hand-making beautiful, sumptuous sofas and beds for over decade now. Each item you order, is made to order for you. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics, from velvets to leathers, tweeds to wool and each piece is guaranteed for a lifetime. You can even use your own fabric should you fail to be able to choose from the many on offer. Should you be allergic to, or prefer not to have the feather filled cushions, hypoallergenic ones are available and the lovely delivery men will assemble your item of furniture when it arrives so all you have to do is climb on and relax.

I adore both of my beds, and judging by the number of snuggles requested, my kids do too.

Pleas note that this bed was a gift but I would only take items for my home that I would buy myself and only write about them with honest opinion.


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