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Welcome to my blog where we talk about all things interiors, colourful, dramatic and more importantly home designed interiors that you can re-create on a budget

A Colourful Victorian Terrace

A Colourful Victorian Terrace

Hi, I am Lorraine Costello and I live in the NW of England, in a 2 Bed Victorian Terrace property with my husband. We are currently on the hunt for a new home.

I would describe my style as eclectic, layered and ever evolving. I love lots of detail, interesting things to look at, layering textiles and lots of texture. I'm obsessed with pattern and particularly love clashing prints.

I'm a forever faffer and love change so I am always moving and swapping things around. I love many different styles and can't be defined by one. From decadence and opulence to the simplicity of rustic country charm I love it all. But, it can be a struggle to mix my love for different styles together, so I go by the rule that 'I know it looks right when it feels right'.

I am heavily influenced, drawn to and inspired by nature. Floral fabrics, artworks and objects like twigs and plants are in every room in some form. I love to bring the outside in.


The Living Room.

The colour scheme in here is a harmonious mix of blues and greens. I wanted this room to feel alive and full of energy as it doesn't get much light, but I also wanted it to feel cosy so there is a lot of velvet, textures, mood lighting, warm wood and gold. The gallery wall was inspired by all the fabulous galleries I kept seeing on Instagram when I first joined. I always loved interiors but seeing these beautiful homes has made me a lot braver in my choices.


The Dining Room

The room has the best energy in the house. The colour scheme in here is mostly blue but the forever faffer in me adds in seasonal colours at different times of the year. There is lots of wood in here and this room satisfies my love for rustic and modern country.


The Bedroom.

I am a big bedlinen fan. I love how it can transform the feel of a room in seconds. I have lots of warm toned wood in here and I like to layer throws and different textures so it feels like a cosy retreat at the end of a long day. 


The Girl with The Green Sofa

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