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3 Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Kitchen

3 Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need to be refreshed? You don’t need to invest in a full-scale remodel to give your kitchen a fresh look – there are plenty of simple ways to update your tired kitchen that won’t break your budget. Making a few small changes to the central elements of your kitchen will be enough to dramatically impact the look and feel of the space. Here are three easy ways to enhance the style and functionality of your kitchen.


Replace the Kitchen Sink or Faucet

 A good working sink is crucial to your kitchen’s functionality. Because sinks are often the most used kitchen fixture, they can easily wear out without you noticing.  An outdated sink can really take away from your overall kitchen design. Replacing it with a new model will ensure your kitchen stays both stylish and functional. You can choose from various sink designs to compliment your kitchen aesthetic, from a classic stainless-steel look to fine fireclay finishes.


The actual process of sink replacement is quite straightforward. To remove the sink, you will need to turn off the water supply and take apart the pipes, cutting the caulk and undoing the clamps. The installation of the new sink will differ depending on whether you have a top-mounted sink, which is lowered into place, or an under-mount sink, which must be secured from below.


Update Lighting Fixtures

 Well-chosen lighting can transform the feel and look of any room. You can use new lighting fixtures strategically to highlight the style of your kitchen and change the mood of the space. Pendant lights are a great match for many kitchens because they add ambience and warmth to the room.


Coming in various colours, finishes, and shapes to suit any kitchen design, pendant lights can work well as statement pieces – you can group these stylish lights together at varying heights to give the kitchen a dramatic focal point. When choosing pendant lights, you will need to take into consideration the size and proportion of your kitchen. A pendant that is too big can look over-bearing in a small kitchen. Similarly, small lights in a big kitchen can get lost in the room, and therefore won’t make much of an impact. Find lights that work with your ceiling and match well with the décor of surrounding rooms.


Add Shelving

 One of the most effective ways to change the look of your kitchen is to get new shelving. This is ideal if you have extra space on your walls to install a set of upper cabinets. Open shelving is quick and easy to install, providing a perfect space to display your favourite kitchen items. You can choose from numerous shelving designs to compliment your kitchen aesthetic, from a classic farmhouse look with chunky burnished wood to more modern finishes and themes – such as monochrome metals. But you don’t need to add tons of shelves to make an impact. Adding even a couple of smaller shelves will go a long way to improve your kitchen’s practicality and style.


Another option is to convert your existing kitchen cabinets into open shelving. This has become a popular trend in kitchen interior design. By removing the doors of your closed-off cabinets, you will lighten up space and add interest to the room. The open shelving design will allow you to get creative in the way you display dishes and glassware. For a final wow factor, you could paint the interiors of the cabinets to give them a fresh look. Once you’re done, your kitchen will look brand new.


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