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Colour My Home

Colour My Home

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Colour My Home.

Like it or not colour affects our moods; it can be uplifting, relaxing, or stimulating. White is clean, black elegant to some, depressing or sad to others, gray calming and how we choose to colour our home is very personal to us. Deep red might be wonderful to one person while another will hate it. Even within families the colour of each room will affect each family member differently.

Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food, so painting your dining room red, might encourage you to eat more. who knew? Thank goodness mine is blue! 

Do you know what is the happiest colour? Warm colours. Red, orange and yellow are next to each other on the colour wheel and are all warm colors. Warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. However, yellow and orange can also slightly irritate the eyes and red can increase a person's appetite.


....and colours within the blue spectrum? These colours are often described as calm, but can also call to mind feelings of sadness or indifference

so i thought I'd share some of my favourite colourful homes, so you can see how they have chosen to use colour, how they've used colours together, often mixed with pattern which is the tricky bit to get right.

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Lisa Dawson's @_lisa_dawson_ hallway in her Georgian home has this fabulous Deco Palm Geometric II @cole_and_sonwallpapers which adds an amazing shot of colour against Lisa's white walls and floor tiles. Mixed with cool art, that compliments the pink in the wallpaper and tables which bring out the bronze colour, Lisa has co-ordinated her accessories to match the wallpaper. Plants add texture and contrast.

You can read all about Lisa's home on her Amara interiors #IBA17 nominated blog, as well as following revamp, restyle, reveal, a new challenge, run by Lisa, @oliverthomaseq and @frenchforpineapple that features 10 bloggers making over 1 room each. This challenge is running through September, with an instagram tag for you to play along with @revamprestylereveal. Lisa also runs workshops along with @deecampling or you can play along with #myhomevibe, the UK's first hashtag for interiors.

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This stunning living room belongs to @ericadavies who writes the popular blog, where you can find inspiration on a variety of things from interiors to clothing. The deep blue walls combined with yellow and green, the chairs covered in palm print and the velvet sofa are a winning combination here. The yellow and green adding pops of colour to the blue background. Who said blue and green should not be seen?



This living room belongs to @fionadukeinteriors co-founder of @interiordesigncollective, website this dark blue works beautifully against the Cole and Son Palm wallpaper which you can glimpse in the vintage mirror above the fireplace (co-ordinated in the same colour as the walls) and the Ikea wicker lampshade, which brings contrast and texture. This room uses colours and tones from the same side of the colour wheel creating a calming look.

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This living room, in a stunning deep blue teamed with vintage red rugs is from @manwithahammer, full house tour is on this blog. Red, is a great accent colour to use against dark blue, sitting on the opposite side of the colour wheel.

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This amazing dining room is by @seasonsincolour. you can read Jenny's blog, winner of an Amara Blog award 2016. The blue and red combo is a great look and here pattern is mixed confidently from the wallpaper to the rug to the cushions. Tulip chairs mixed with a wooden dining table give this room an amazing eclectic feel.

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Look at this stunning Prism Wallpaper in Sophie Robinson's home. This has got to be the ultimate wallpaper for a colour fan, featuring every colour you can think of. Sophie is a self confessed lover of all things colour and has co-ordinated this shot beautifully with her bird cage lamp and vases filled with faux flowers. You can get inspiration on her blog or she recently agreed to a feature for this blog

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This den is from Emily Murray's recently departed Edinburgh home-The Pink House. Her popular blog can be found at, Amara Blog winner 2016. Em is well known for her confident mixing of pattern and colour and a strong preference for pink. Here she confidently mixes leopard print with spots with floral patterns, keeping the walls, while colourful, neutral in terms of pattern.

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The kitchen belongs to Rebecca of @carnivalofcolour_. It is an Ikea kitchen painted in chalk paint, with bespoke apple crates made for storage. Rebecca confidently mixes colour and pattern, like no-one I've ever come across before. Have a look at her feed on



The colourful bath of @comedowntothewoods as part of the renovation on the Peach Palace, a home Katie and her husband bought two years ago and have completely changed from peach everywhere (hence the name) to a carefully crafted mix of colour, fabulous tiles and great homewares. You can read Katie's blog here:, another #IBA17 nominated blog. Here Katy shows how you can add just a bit of colour (i.e. the pink bath) to create a very sophisticated look.



Here is  @markiekdesigns eclectic home. Marcie is great at up cycling furniture which she mixes confidently with pattern a riot of colour and vintage finds and you can see this all over her home here



The colourful and dark living room of @jazzierere. Home tour coming very shortly. I love the use of red velvet against the dark black walls. Jazz collects  the most amazing art and you can see more here

And just in case this is not enough inspiration.........Colour My Home was a hashtag that I set up with @pinkhouseliving, @carnivalofcolour_ and @dani_ellis_ around this time last year to celebrate colourful interiors. Jen @blissfully_eclectic and @miafleur_home also joined in and when we eventually decided to move on @cairaelliott, @design_soda_ruthie and @mairihelena took over and the hashtag is still running to this day, with lots of fabulous home inspiration. head on over here to see more

The three hosts' homes are shown below.



@design_soda_ruthie living room painted in beautifully muted colours against wooden floors and filled with vintage items. A beautifully calming room.  You can read about this house at Amara nominated blog



Ciara Elliott, editor of EKKBB magazine @ciaraelliott's bathroom. Ciara has done a home tour on this blog, hop on over if you want to see more. Ciara likes to mix colour with vintage furniture and you can see here the deep blue of the walls, next to an up cycled vintage cabinet. White tiles and the white bath, keep this room looking fresh.



@Mairihelena's bedroom, showcasing some of her stunning wallpapers and textiles. Here the bright blue is complimented by the warmer colours in the fabrics and wallpaper.

My Dining room, with @lucytiffany wallpaper. there is a spotlight on Lucy Tiffany on the blog if you want to read more here

My Dining room, with @lucytiffany wallpaper. there is a spotlight on Lucy Tiffany on the blog if you want to read more here

And finally my home, above. I couldn't live without colour in my life and have gradually got bolder in my choices over the years, the photo above being my most recent makeover.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour around some of my favourite colourful homes


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