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 Eniko Kirkwood's Dramatic, Dark, yet Colourful Home

Eniko Kirkwood's Dramatic, Dark, yet Colourful Home

Today's Home Tour is with Eniko Kirkwood of My Dark Home, based in Northern Ireland. This home is a relatively new find for me but I stumbled upon it when Eniko posted a picture of her gorgeous bedroom which literally stopped me in my tracks.

This home oozes warmth, comfort and glamour all wrapped into one. It is mostly dark, but the use of wood, texture (rugs, cushions etc) and plants brings to it a depth of character which is really hard to achieve. Eniko also has a green sofa!

Read on to see more of this stunning home and hear all about its history and Eniko's style.


I am 32 years old and I work as an interpreter (wannabe interior designer). I live in Northern Ireland but originally, I am from Hungary. I have lived in NI since I was 19 and I love it ... well, apart from the weather. I have been married for 4 years and me and my husband are parents to two labradors, Penny and Alfie who I feature on a regular basis on my Instagram. I love them.

We bought our house 4 years ago and it was built by the Andrews family (known for designing Titanic) around 1890.  Originally it was a farmer’s cottage, however it was extended 10 years ago. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 reception rooms. 

The selling point of the house was the location, a ten-minute walk from a small town yet still in the countryside and secluded. The garden is large with mature trees, a bit like wild forest, therefore very low maintenance, just the way we like it. The house came with a balcony, which is just amazing. 


When we moved in all the walls were white and magnolia and there were light brown and dark green carpets everywhere.

Initially I was trying to go with the “cottage look” and it was fine but a bit boring. Then one day I was flicking through an interior design magazine and I fell in love with a room with dark walls and I knew I had to have a room like that. I thought our “snug” room with an original Victorian fireplace would be the perfect choice. When my husband came home from work I told him I was going to paint the room dark. His reaction was what I expected, a no. I went ahead anyway and painted it dark and he loved it. That was the start of my dark journey. 

In November, last year I created my interior Instagram account, thinking maybe I could share some of my photos with others. Little did I know how addictive and amazing this journey was going to be. I have met the most incredible and supportive people and discovered the most gorgeous and inspiring homes. Which is also my downfall. Seeing these beautiful homes, I suddenly wanted to change everything in our home and gradually I did and I love the results. 


Our living room has been transformed from a cottage into a dark, moody, cocoon like room with dark ceilings. I was massively inspired by Abigail Ahern, Rockett st George and Nicola Broughton. 

I like so many styles that I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite, therefore every room in our house is different. 


The snug room is traditional Victorian with dark walls , golden mirrors and picture frames. 


The kitchen is eclectic and bohemian with loads and loads of plants (I like the jungle vibe).  


Our bedroom is scandi, hygge, boho ( it’s hard to label it ) with ombré walls, which I created a few months ago. It’s definitely different, but I love it. 

Our bathroom was also recently decorated and we changed everything and decided on a traditional style with a freestanding bath and Edwardian sink. 


And the last but not least is our “balcony room” which is on the romantic side with colourful wallpaper. 


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