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Rachel Edmonds' dark and dramatic home

Rachel Edmonds' dark and dramatic home

Today's home Tour is with Rachel Edmonds, otherwise known as Raspberry Flavoured Windows. Rachel has created a sumptuous and dark, eclectic interior, cohesive in the colour palette she has chosen.

The dark rooms bring drama and a cosiness, and the touches of gold, brighten the space which is filled with eclectic items.

Read on to hear about Rachel and her gorgeous home.


I’m Rachel as you know. I live in a 4-bedroomed detached house in Devon that was built in 1896. When we first moved in it was a complete renovation project but it’s now been our family home for a little over 20 years. I live here with my husband (celebrating 32 years together this year) and my three sons oh, and buster the aged and very slightly bad-tempered Rottweiler. 


We are not what you would describe as a ‘normal’ family as two of my sons are autistic, I wouldn’t change them for the world but it does mean that we live by the seat of our pants more often than not. I have always worked in creative industries (apart from a stint with a pharmaceutical company) as a teenager into my early 20’s I was lucky enough to work as a model that took me around the globe and on some very exciting adventures. A natural progression from here was to move into the cosmetic industry which I absolutely adored. 


When our first child came along he was very ill shortly after he was born which lead me to give up work and this is when I developed my interest in interior design. I put myself on a long-distance learning course and the rest is history. I built up a local client base and dare I say it paint effects became a bit of a speciality.


Once I’d popped out child number 3 and they were all at school or nursery I wanted to develop my skills further and went to work for a company where I designed furniture, the role quickly expanded and in the end, I was creating content for the website (I was shortlisted for the Amara Interior Blog Awards) and running the company’s social media alongside the furniture designing and styling.


I had a wonderful 15 years there but sadly was made redundant last year and so I find myself at a bit of a lose end, yet eagerly anticipating the next leg of the journey called life.


Over the years my tastes have naturally changed, in my younger years (not that I’m that old!) I followed trends to a degree but now the only things allowed into my home are things that I love. My approach to design though has changed immensely. Having 2 autistic sons has taught me so much about interior design. 


First and foremost, when I plan a new scheme I think about the senses. My home is designed to calm and reduce anxiety for my boys. Each room is carefully thought through to create a space that fulfils their sensory needs. 



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