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Deborah Vos Dark and Eclectic Home

Deborah Vos Dark and Eclectic Home

Today on the blog I have Deborah Vos, who's home has featured in many publications including the recent coffee table book "Extraordinary Interiors" by Rockett St George. Deborah is an interior designer by trade having also studied photography and you can find out more on her website through the button below.

Deborah's home is dark and moody filled with items that only a serious collector, could find over a long period of time. It's beautifully layered, with an incredible amount of interest, texture, art and one off unique pieces.

Go enjoy the tour!


Deborah Vos comes from a photographic background, having studied Photography as a mature student at university and graduated in 2006. She has always had a creative eye, and was told by her good friend, Mary Portas, that she should be an interior designer some years ago. When people walk into Deborah's house, they always say "wow what a cool space". 


She has a keen eye for finding unusual items at car boot sales, charity shops and placing them in different places around the home, which creates interest and draws peoples eye around a room. Quite often and item will be bought whilst out and about with no idea of where it will go, but knowing that it will fit a brief perfectly at some point in the future. Nothing ever goes unused. 


She also always goes to the degree shows of the great Art colleges in London, championing new, up and coming artists. Having been influenced originally by Abigail Ahern quite a few years ago now, Deborah has gone on to creating her own interior design and styling business in West London, although she has done jobs far and wide across the country. 


Deborah finds inspiration for all over the could be from some graffiti found along a subway, to an amazing leaf on a tree. She also relishes in the inspirational accounts found on Instagram and Pinterest and pins lots of images to help create future looks for clients.  Deborah is drawn to the dark side of the interior palette, and after having looked at her old white living room from a few years back, realised how awful it looked compared to how it looks now. 


Deborah also painted her bedroom dark over 10 years ago, and her bathroom has black and dark grey/brown tiles that are now over 15 years old, so it had stood the test of time. 


She also has an uncanny knack of knowing what is going to be on trend before it even happens, and predicts colour palettes before you start to see them hit the mainstream. Deborah always searches for the unusual and eclectic mix when it comes to interiors, and wants people houses to reflect their personality to create an interesting, and inviting environment. Mixing old and new items creates a great mix and helps to keep the budget down. It's easy to create a lux interior if you have lots of money to throw at it, but a great challenge to create that look on a tight budget, which is her forte.


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