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Showerwall, the Alternative to Tiles

Showerwall, the Alternative to Tiles

Finding the right tiles for your bathroom is usually one of the most difficult decisions to be made, once the bathroom furniture is chosen, and yet, should you even choose tiles? With so many different products around, perhaps an alternative surface might be more suitable?

Have you considered waterproof wall panels instead? Perhaps with the look of tiles but without the hassle?

These products are often more hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles. Non-porous surfaces provide excellent protection against bacteria and other micro-organisms, such as fungi, which can often be found growing in the areas between tiles where the grout is typically found. Moreover, these systems are very quick and easy to install, meaning they can be fitted by anyone who is DIY competent, saving you money on a wet tradesman, tiler or plumber and saving time to get the finished look you want.


Showerwall has the largest range of different décors in the marketplace, giving you a vast range of “on trend’ walls to choose from and often with an effect similar to tiles, without the cost of fitting or maintenance. The product is made with water resistant MDF and high-pressure laminate (HPL) or acrylic (which can give the look of polished glass).

They provide an extremely versatile wall panelling system which uses their Proclick mechanical locking technology to create a seamless finish, allowing you to create a feature wall in a shower area, or perhaps behind a bath or sink. Installation is made easier (for the competent DIYer) through the click design which allows panels to be located quickly and slot easily into place, plus this eliminates the use of joining trims.

Proclick Locking Mechanism

Proclick Locking Mechanism

The product has a watertight finish that’s tough, hard-wearing, stain resistant and totally hygienic. Showerwall products are available in a wide range of colours and finishes (some of my favourites are found below) allowing you to recreate the look of marble or tiles, or perhaps more rustic surfaces and finishes with texture.

In their custom section, you can choose from a wide range of patterns (such as geometric, herringbone or scallop) or even create your own wall using a favourite image or mural.


Blue Herringbone -Custom Collection

Blue Herringbone-Custom Collection

Showerwall have a huge nationwide stock holding meaning that they can facilitate orders quickly and efficiently – they also have a 24-48 hour delivery promise; stock is available nationwide through their distributors, IDS, Ideal Bathrooms, AMS & Formula 1. They keep up with market trends and have a large range of decors which mirror the latest trends.

You can get samples of your favourite designs for free, meaning you can see what they look and feel like before ordering. When fitted as directed by the instructions and the product is registered, the shower panels come with a watertight 15 year guarantee.

Bathroom Trends 2019

Showerwall hold a huge range of options for your wall, but in particular they follow bathroom trends, so that you can re-create a look you have seen, perhaps in a magazine, in your own home. I have chosen some of my favourite designs on site to show you how their products follow some of the bathroom trends for 2019.

Herringbone Tiles

Metro tiles have long since been a favourite in bathrooms but now people have found new and different ways to lay them, giving rise to the herringbone pattern, now a huge trend in its own right. Offering the allure of a parquet floor, this pattern is a very big trend in bathrooms on both walls and the floor, and is set to continue for some time to come.

Showerwall offer this option, in a range of colours and sizes. You can choose a natural colour (trending in bathrooms and interiors in general at the moment) but you don’t need to, since this pattern will work in a huge range of options. You will see the smaller herringbone pattern in blue, above. Here is a neutral “marbled” grey tiles which is slightly bigger in size. You don’t need to stick to small plain tile pattern to create this look, you can mix textures (and even colours) to create bolder looks.

Grey Herringbone-Custom Collection

Grey Herringbone-Custom Collection


Spa-like bathrooms is one of the most searched items on Pinterest, and there is nothing like marble to give the look of a high end, luxury spa or hotel bathroom. Once reserved for the rich, marble has made its way into the mainstream and is a big trend in bathrooms in 2019. Moreover, it comes in a range of striking hues.

With a smooth, polished surface which reflects light, marble will produce a super luxurious look, especially when paired with gold coloured taps, showers or accessories. Whilst it can easily be used to create a contemporary setting, marble also has a classic edge to it. This versatility means it can be used in traditional bathrooms too. It can be easily worked into any design, complementing a wide and varied range of natural materials, especially wood.

Showerwall have an entire range of marble walls in a range of colours and patterns from the classic looking Lightening Marble to the more striking Grigio Marble or the Grey Volterra you can see above.

Lightening  Marble

Lightening Marble

Scalloped Tiles

The tile pattern of 2019, the scallop or fish scales look. Shaped tiles in general are big for 2019, be it from hexagons to squares, but the scallop tile look has incredible versatility, adding a feminine look to a room with its soft curves. Add it in a touch of Sherbet colour and you have a second trend ticked off.

Sherbet hues – big ice cream-coloured convertibles and pool parties-are big colours for bathrooms in 2019. The true beauty of sherbet shades is that they work exceptionally well with the still- trending metallic brassware we’ve all fallen hard for – try mixing strawberry pink with matt gold taps. Showerwall offer a custom-made wall in a scallop pattern in a range of colours, but especially in sherbet colours as you can see with this blush version below.

Scallop Blush -Custom Collection

Scallop Blush-Custom Collection

Geometric Tiles

A huge trend in bathrooms in 2019, bold striking pattern on a geometric tile. Texture is set to be a big trend in 2019 and a geometric tile in a bold pattern, either in a simple black and white colour, or more striking colour is an easy way to bring that into a room and create either a feature wall or floor.

We will see collections of tactile tiles that have patterns in relief or that have an embossed or sculpted surface. Geometric and angular tiles will be given an added sense of movement, dimension and tactility through the introduction of 3D surfaces.

So, if you want to create this geometric look without the use of tiles, Showerwall offers a range of striking patterns in their custom collection, or you can simply take a photo of your favourite patterned wall or floor to them, to re-create it.

Geo Cube  Custom Collection

Geo Cube Custom Collection

Natural Elements

Natural elements are making their way into our homes in a big way in 2019, brought about by the need to re-connect with nature in our fast paced world. To de-stress and relax by surrounding ourselves with textures and natural materials, or through re-creating them. This is part of the macro-trend of Biophilia, and has made its way into bathrooms where we are seeing more wood, concrete effects, slate and the use of metals, such as Urban Gloss.

Showerwall has different wall panels in many of these on trend looks which you can see below.

Showerwall panels offer a great alternative to tiles, easy to fit and extremely hygienic which you can fit yourself, without the cost of a tradesman, quickly. Moreover, their on-trend choices mean that you really can find an alternative to tiles that will fit alongside the bathroom trends of 2019, as shown above.


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