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The New Premium Mattress with Eve Sleep

The New Premium Mattress with Eve Sleep


As someone who travels often and sleeps in many different hotel beds every week, I’ve come to yearn for my own bed, knowing that there is nowhere better than home for a good night sleep, even if it is occasionally disturbed by the odd call from a 6-year-old with nightmares, or the fact he simply wants to crawl in for a cuddle and to warm his feet.


Yes, a disturbed night sleep at home is infinitely better than a hotel room sleep, where you can’t guarantee the quality of the bed or bedlinen you are sleeping on, the relative noise in your room, the temperature, or the light. And, there is nothing guaranteed to make a long day at work harder than having tossed and turned all night.

But, then at home, I started waking up with back ache, which at first, I put down to my body having to get used to different beds every night. Then it dawned on me that the last time we had changed our mattress was when I was pregnant with Jack.

So, it was New Year and time for New Sleep to go along with my resolution about travelling less and relaxing more. What better way to start than a comfy bed I didn’t want to get out of.

I was lucky enough to get hold of the new Premium Memory Foam Mattress from Eve Sleep which you can find here, a great opportunity to try out my new sleep resolution alongside their mattress which is high tech and high specification, aimed at exceptional comfort and support.

The mattress is made with memory foam with four layers; the top two layers are there to actively cool down your body when you get too hot; through the use of graphite and open cell foams for breathability.

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It is medium firm and quite a thick mattress, as you can see in the photo above, but really important to me was the immediate pressure relief you get from lying on it, the feeling of sinking into a comfy bed, feeling weightless, which this new foam, not before used in the UK, gives you.

The mattress works for all sleepers; back, side or stomach and in the top layer is knitted with silver. Why Silver? Well, the scientist in me knows it is an antibacterial that is used heavily in bandages and wound dressing to prevent infection. Given our skin is covered in bacteria, it makes sense to have the same around our home in fabrics, to keep them clean and hygienic.

Moreover, the top panel can be unzipped, you can just see the yellow zip in the photo above, which allows you to pop it in the wash should you wish to clean it.

And, for all the interior followers, just look at how the yellow of the mattress zip matches my yellow velvet bed. A match made in heaven I think.

IMG_0428 copy.jpg

The mattress comes rolled up and is delivered in a box, which is surprisingly heavy and took both my husband and I to get it up the stairs. Once on the bed, you leave the mattress for 4-6 hours to fill out in size, for the air to move through the mattress, and then it is time to test it.

Because, that is the important bit right? I mean I can blind you with the techology and specification, and the science, but really what we all want to know, is will I have a good night sleep?

Both hubby and I tried lying on it on our own and together, and then we got the ultimate tester to come and have a good bounce on the bed; Alfie.

Our immediate verdict was that it was more comfortable (and bounce able) than anything we’d ever tried before. I mean, when they say that you sink into the mattress, as if you are floating weightlessly, it literally feels like your body is doing so, like letting out a big sigh. I actually didn’t want to get up again.


But, of course you actually have to sleep on a mattress for a few nights to work out if it is going to work for you and be comfortable long term, and we did. I can honestly say it is the most comfortable mattress we have ever had.

If you are unsure, Eve Sleep give you a 100-day sleep trial and no hassle return, should it not be for you. But, I bet when you get this mattress, you won’t be letting it go because I’ve had some of my best nights’ sleep recently, regardless of whether or not we have had a little visitor.

And we’ve had a little visitor more regularly now he knows how comfortable it is. Hmmm….. might be time to get him his own.

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