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Kerry Lockwood's Beautifully Eclectic, Rented Home

Kerry Lockwood's Beautifully Eclectic, Rented Home

Today's home tour comes from the Northumberland rental property of the very lovely Kerry Lockwood, who was one of the first people that I followed on Instagram. I have known Kerry a while now and watched her transform this old-fashioned rental property into a stunning family home and she regularly blogs about how she has done it.

Now you might ask why would you want to transform someone else's home, but as Kerry explains, and most of us interior nuts know, you have to have a certain environment in which to feel comfortable, and to enjoy your home, and Kerry has been lucky and savvy enough to have made an agreement with her landlords to do just that.

It is beautifully done, with statement pieces of furniture, this beautiful vintage gym mat as a headboard or the vintage bench in her kitchen, for example, and a bit of elbow grease.

Kerry has also created a business out of her talent for interiors and is now an interior stylist and designer, so if you want to know how she has transformed her home, or use her to help with yours, head on over to her website through the button below.

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Hi! I’m Kerry Lockwood, I’m an Interior stylist and interior & lifestyle blogger and influencer. I live with my Husband, Justin, our 2 children Alfie aged 12 and Jersey aged 9. We have a cockapoo named Chester.

We are originally from Yorkshire where we bought a house 9 years ago, then had to relocate for Justin’s job. We decided to rent our house out and in return we rent up in Northumberland which is where we relocated to.

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I have been met with lots of challenges as we try our best to make our rented house feel like home, which is one of the reasons why I decided to set up my interior styling business and blog to help others to achieve their dream home.

What I love most about interior design is how transformative it is, to be able to turn a plain space into a beautiful room that meets the clients wants and need. A space they can enjoy and really make a difference to their lifestyle.

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I have an eclectic style and love to mix old with new. I don’t follow trends, I decorate from the heart and find out what makes a client tick. For me it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing boundaries to take your space to the next level, no corner is left untouched. I try to create spaces that feel cosy, cool and lived in while adding touches that normally get overlooked to create a space that you’ll never want to leave.

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We have lived in this house for almost 4 years now. It is a Victorian Terraced house in the centre of town. We fell in love with the location but the interior was quite old fashioned so we have done lots of work to modernise it. I constantly get asked why I put so much time and effort into someone else’s house but for me it’s my home. The place that I work from and the place where I want to be happy and relax in. So, having a nice home is vital to me. 

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I think statement pieces of furniture make a huge difference in a rented home as they are a great focal point. For example, in our kitchen I have a vintage workbench which I use as a kitchen island. This is what you notice as soon as you walk in. The kitchen is one of my favourite spaces in the house as it’s where we spend most time as a family, catching up over dinner and hearing about the highs and lows of each other’s days. 

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