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Angie Talbot of Love Leeds Home

Angie Talbot of Love Leeds Home

Today's Home Tour runs alongside Today's spotlight on Orange and it is one of the homes of founder Angie Talbot of Love Leeds Homes. I've had the pleasure of meeting Angie a few times now, and a more down to earth person is hard to find.

Angie bought her home at the top of her price range and so has had to find ingenious ways of updating it on a budget, such as getting her husband to make the kitchen island and dining room table, to painting the PVC on the outside of their home, herself.

Read on to find out all about Angie and her home.

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I'm Angie and we live in Chapel Allerton in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I have two children, one of which has a chronic condition called C.V.S. It’s tough caring for him both mentally and physically, and I use Instagram and my home decor and interiors as a bit of escapism. 

I’m passionate about interiors and being part of such a close knit, community on Instagram. The positive support from our little insta family makes me so happy. I have met some wonderful, inspirational people at local meet-up’s (including Nicola!) who I now consider friends. They never fail to inspire me with their tips and beautiful homes.

Due to the challenges of caring for my son, I had to give up work but recently set up Orange and Grey. which you can read all about here, with my friend Ellie Gair to give me something to do, to input into and have something for myself.

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When we moved into our house five years ago, it had been newly renovated & extended by builders, which left us with a blank canvas to inject some personality into. The problem was that the house was bought at the top of our budget and left us with very little to spend on the decor.

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My taste is a mis-mash of different styles; I love mid-century, eclectic and Scandinavian design but more importantly, everything in my home is chosen to reflect my personality; outgoing and a little crazy.

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My Husband has helped massively on my quest to add personality by salvaging wood to make various features throughout the house, including a scaffold board kitchen island, dining table & shelves. The guy is a legend; both table and kitchen island were done for under £125.

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We also painted our exterior window frames a dark grey. Yet again, another successful DIY job and cost us approx. £40 in paint. Our next job is to create a pergola in the garden. I’m sure you can guess who’s been tasked with the job

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The Girl withThe Green Sofa

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