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Susana Ordovas' Mexico Home

Susana Ordovas' Mexico Home

Two Stunning home tours instead of one today; both belonging to the same lady Susana Ordovas; Her main home in Mexico is featured on this post and if you hop on over her Madrid home is featured here. Originally, I intended to write one post but these homes are so stunningly unique, I felt they needed to be separate posts in their own right.


How did you begin your career as interior designer?

I have always had a passion for interior design, in fact ever since I was a young girl I have always been acutely aware of my surroundings. I like to say that my involvement with interior design developed as soon as I was old enough to appreciate beautiful objects and spaces. 


I actually studied to be a journalist, which is a profession that has helped me tremendously to communicate my passion for interior design. I never trained to be a professional interior decorator, although over the years I have taken many courses in interior design and I consider myself an expert in the subject. 


For a while I worked professionally as an interior designer, but I soon realized that my true strength was in communicating and writing on the subject, rather than actually working on interior design projects. I am an interior design consultant and I have an Instagram account dedicated to interior design @susana_ordovas which has opened up a lot of opportunities for me on a professional level.

Recently Quien magazine (one of Mexico’s most important magazines), did an extensive article on me and named me the country’s number one Deco Influencer.



What are your inspiration sources?

My inspiration sources definitely come from my childhood. My Spanish grandmother had a beautiful home full of wonderful furniture and antiques, she had exquisite taste and was very chic. I have wonderful memories of the holidays we used to spend with her in Madrid. 

My parents also used to own a 400-year-old home in the countryside in Ireland which my mother lovingly brought back to life (it was in ruins when they purchased it) and filled it with antiques and vintage pieces. I remember my bedroom was covered entirely in a striking Laura Ashley floral wallpaper. 

I also travelled extensively as a child due to my father’s job. I was born in Ireland to an English mother and a Spanish father, but I spent most of my childhood in Africa (Zaire and Morocco). I use a lot of green in my home in Madrid as well as my home in Mexico City, the colour reminds me of Ireland and Africa. I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to surrounding myself with elements that remind me of the past!

My main source of inspiration are my travels to different countries (I love to travel), we were in Russia this summer and that trip was hugely inspirational. 

On a day to day basis, my main source of inspiration are interior decoration magazines and social media (Instagram and Pinterest).



How would you define your style?

I am a maximalist and a lover of prints and colour. I have a passion for antiques and vintage objects. Both my homes are filled with furniture and decorative pieces salvaged from antique shops and flea markets.

I love old properties full of charm and history. I don’t think I could ever live in a new home!


What is your favorite (and must have) piece of furniture and room and why?

With regards to our home in Mexico, my favourite space is our living room. I love the Christian Lacroix wallpaper and the mid-century green sofa. It´s a room full of light and it has such great vibes. It’s full of flea market finds, they are mostly things that aren’t particularly valuable, but which I treasure dearly. 


How and where (fairs, travels…) did you choose furniture?

As I mentioned, most of the decorative objects and furniture I own were purchased in antique and vintage shops. I also purchase a lot of our things at flea markets. In Mexico, I like to visit La Lagunilla, and when I am in Madrid I visit El rastro. I consider myself a hard-core treasure hunter when I go shopping for antiques. I think I have a good eye and it brings me great pleasure to purchase rare objects.


I adore visiting flea markets and on every trip, I make, I always make sure to visit a flea market and buy something to remind me of the place I visited. The things I purchase are like little souvenirs of my travels which I treasure dearly and show off in both my homes. 

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The Girl with The Green Sofa

Susana Ordovas' Madrid Home

Susana Ordovas' Madrid Home

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