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Susana Ordovas' Madrid Home

Susana Ordovas' Madrid Home

Here is the second gorgeous home of Susana Ordovas, her Madrid apartment. Hop on over to this postto see her Mexican home.

I've interviewed Susana on her inspiration, her style and originally, I was going to write one post, but realised that each property deserves a post in its own right; so, the interview is split over the two posts and you will find lots of simply stunning inspiration in each.


How did you find this property in Madrid? Can you describe your styling project?

I found this property on the internet four years ago. I live in Mexico City, but my husband and I were searching for a second home in Madrid. As soon as I saw it on my computer screen I fell in love with it. I asked my family in Madrid (sister, brother and father) to go and check it out, funnily enough they gave me mixed reviews on it. A few weeks later I flew to Madrid and as soon as I saw it in person I knew it had to be mine.

I was adamant that I wanted a fun and stylish holiday home in Madrid. I wanted something different and out of the ordinary. 

We bought practically everything in antique and vintage shops, and also in El Rastro (Madrid’s famous Sunday flea market). There are also a few pieces that I inherited from my family, like the antique Japanese bronze statue of a horse which is in the living room.


Your interiors are very colorful. What does color mean to you? And how did you conceive the color scheme of the apartment?

I love colour. I used to be much more conservative with colour, but over the years and with time I have become more adventurous. I think it’s because I’ve matured and I am so much more confident in myself, I take more risks and don’t really care what others think!

However, I think it’s important that there should be harmony in a home, that all colours and prints should be properly coordinated so as not to strain the eye. 

I’ve also learned that colour makes me happy. However, I love spaces that are very dramatic, and black is so dramatic! That is why black is very present in both my homes. You can see that a lot of the walls in both our homes are black. 


What is your favorite (and must have) piece of furniture and room and why?

My favourite room in our home in Madrid is definitely the living room. I love the drama of this space and how the rusty vintage “Tabac Gosset” contrasts against the black wall. And I love the green shutters! It’s also where we get together when we have family and friends over, it’s a space which has been filled with many happy moments.


My favourite piece is probably the statue of the Greek discus thrower in the living room. I purchased it in an antique shop in Madrid and I love how it stands so regal on its pedestal. It’s such a statement piece and draws a lot of attention when we have guests over. 

I also love the gold-leaf “bargueño” (antique cabinet) in the dining room area, it’s an old 

Castilian piece and I think it helps add so much luxury to the space. I also love my Japanese bronze statute which my father handed down to me, I hope it will remain in the family for many generations to come.



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Susana Ordovas' Mexico Home

Susana Ordovas' Mexico Home