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Tamara Lee's Californian Home

Tamara Lee's Californian Home

Today I am featuring Tamara Lee, the Queen of Gallery Walls. The wrap around gallery in her living room was the first thing that drew me to her account, but she has been such an inspiration since; I mean look at that Pink Sofa!

Tamara has recently started running her own business from home so go give her a follow and shop some fabulous art.


In her own words, here is Tamara's home tour.

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Hey girl heyyyy! 

Most days you can find me with my hair in a big ol bun, music on, incense burning and coffee in my hand. I’m super random and unfocused most times but that's me Tamara Lee. I'm a wife to a race car driver and a proud mama to three beautiful girls.

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Here’s a tiny background of me.

I have always been obsessed with interior design. When I was 18 I got that fancy piece of paper saying I was an interior designer only to find out that’s not my jam. I then became an accredited staging professional and staged homes for sale and let me tell you that was so much fun. I would design huge empty homes then go into a warehouse to get whatever I wanted.. oh yes, you better believe I pretended each and every house was mine. My family then moved to Monterey for my husband’s job. I quickly found myself into visual merchandising for Pottery Barn no less. Setting the entire store sometimes as early as 4AM or sometimes as late as midnight. I had the opportunity to go to Burlingame and help set the store for magazine shoots was Pottery Barn guys I don’t need to explain the awesomeness. I was taught so much during that time. designing on the fly was such a rush.. so much valuable information I learned the 6 years I was there. I’m super grateful for that and the family I gained there. Late last year I made the crazy decision to step out on my own.…a pink sofa a bunch of crazy ass pillows and here I am! 

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Our home is a little over a thousand square feet here in Monterey California. As you walk in you are greeted by my gallery wall. It's floor to ceiling and wraps around to the next wall over. I love to hang fun quotes and saying, pics of my beautiful daughters and art that inspires as you are coming and going. Over the years my gallery walls became popular and by demand I opened my little print shop so everyone is able to have a fun and awesome wall like mine.

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The family rooms gets a constant change weekly. The one thing that hasn't really changed is my pink sofa.. this sectional is now a keeper. Its comfortable, easy to maintain and fits us all. I've recently added in my newest passion. Green! I thought I couldn't keep anything alive but after having my plant babies for almost a full year I realized just that.. they are babies and everyone is different. Now that I have a little routine down we seem to be getting along just fine.


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I used to call my kitchen RV size but after years of living here it’s just enough for us and I love it. I recently gave my kitchen a tiny reno all by myself! I painted the lower cabinets black, uppers white then removed one little useless cabinet on the side and DIYed open shelving! I was so girl powered out I refused to ask for help, here at home or at Home Depot (our hardware store) I wanted to do it myself and I did! I even cried when I finished! I added touches of rose gold a fish with pink rocks and called it done! 

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I have this obsession with black and white.. here in the dining I colour-blocked the wall with black.

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I have 3 daughters.. two are teenagers 16 & 17, they placed a do not disturb sign on their door.. it’s one less room.. sorry, they don’t make their beds anyways, but my little Brenna Lee knows better. We found her a pink velvet bed at a yard sale for twenty five bucks! Add black and white and she's a happy kid!! 

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My office is my girl empowering headquarters where I handle my print shop, blog and all things

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My master bedroom is a favorite of mine! I designed it early last year and haven't changed one thing since..

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This half bath in our bedroom is tiny but mighty. It was so bad looking when we first moved in, I just painted the walls, mirror cabinet all the same colour, I painted the tile counter white, sprayed the faucet gold and then stencilled the floors. this is now my fav place to wake up to.

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Our backyard zone is right off the dining room, right out the french doors, it continues with my black and white theme.. we live by the ocean so a cool breeze comes in the evenings. the summer times you will find the french doors open and us chilling out here with a cold one.

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Nicola I was honored when you asked me to share my zone! I love sharing, connecting, inspiring and meeting new friends!


Tamara Lee

to shop my prints and now pillows



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