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Danielle Newman's Dark, Eclectic, Boho Home

Danielle Newman's Dark, Eclectic, Boho Home

Today on the blog, I share the beautiful home of Danielle Newman of @fleeting_interest. Her home is a cosy, boho, eclectic mix of dark walls, plants and that fabulous yellow couch!

Go enjoy the tour!


I grew up in a suburb of Akron, Ohio. I attended art school for one year and decided to drop out since I didn't know what I actually wanted to do, and didn't want to end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a degree I wasn't going to use. At age 18 I met a man who lived in Seattle and I ended up moving there to live with him. Thankfully the relationship didn't last, but I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and ended up staying. I worked several long-term jobs in retail management and eventually became an innkeeper at a small B&B for several years. I met my husband in 2007 and two years later we were engaged with our first little one on the way. He was closer to finishing college, so he went back to school and got his degree in fisheries. However, the job market was completely saturated and Seattle's population and cost of living began to rise sharply. We couldn't afford to stay, so in 2015 we moved back to Ohio to be close to my family. He found work right away, and so I'm able to stay home with our two kids until I figure out what I want to do next. 


We purchased our first home in Cuyahoga Falls in the spring of 2016. We're located just minutes from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is huge and absolutely gorgeous. I've always loved interiors, but it never occurred to me to potentially make a profession out of it until I got my hands on this house. I started getting a lot of really positive feedback from friends on our home's progress; several people suggested I start a blog. I'm not much of a writer and I don't have enough time to do detailed posts, so I decided to start am Instagram account to share the work I've done here with like-minded folks. It took off rather quickly and I've found Instagram to be a really welcoming, inspiring community. I still don't know what exactly I want to do with all of this, but it's been a really fun learning process!


We sold or donated most of our things when we left Seattle, so we had to start basically from scratch. Most of the furniture in our home has been thrifted. This vintage chesterfield sofa was only $40! 

I didn't set out to feature mustard so prominently in our home. I just kept coming across all these wonderful pieces in thrift shops for a steal! That chair was $15.


That's our puppy, Caroline. She likes to eat the sofa cushions. The vintage sunburst mirror was also a thrift find, and I painted it an aged copper myself. 


Our house doesn't have a dedicated entry, so for now I've carved out a space in the living room by placing a bench behind the sofa. I rearrange frequently, though, so who knows how long this setup will last! 


This is our third dining table; it belonged to my late stepfather and is on indefinite loan from my sister. The paintings are my own and aren't quite finished. 

The dining room window seat was one of the main selling features of the house, which was built in 1930. I started using lots of plants in my decor because they're a really affordable way to bring drama to a room.


I fell down a rabbit hole of dark and moody accounts on Instagram, pretty soon after starting this account. I was hooked. It's such an inspiring community and I'm so glad I decided to use dark colors in several rooms of the house. This navy blue is called Winter Way by Behr. It's in our bedroom as well. 



Danielle's yellow couch was the first thing that drew me to her home and instgram account, set against the dark walls it works beautifully. 

Thanks for sharing!


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