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Georgie St Clair Guest Blog

Georgie St Clair Guest Blog

Georgie St Clairis an artist and illustrator living in Brighton with her 3 children and husband. She creates floral and botanical inspired art and illustrations, often using real flowers and foliage. Georgie sells prints online and works with a variety of clients across the world. This has all been thanks to the power of the internet and Instagram especially.

Here is Georgie's Guest Blog talking about how she got started in her current career, alongside some pictures of her fabulous art!

Creative business is not an easy undertaking. Especially when you decide to take make a shift to a creative career with no formal training, little money or time.

In September 2016, I left an interesting, well paid, part-time job. Some thought I was a little crazy because as a mother of 3, this was ideal for someone in my position. Financial security whilst being able to meet the needs of my children aged between 4 and 15. And with this age gap, their needs are many and varied. Chaotic actually.

Plus, the field of art and illustration is saturated, competitive and hard work. This didn’t faze me because I really couldn’t imagine wanting to do anything else.

Leaving the job was easy. I was bored and a change of management meant the atmosphere was not what it used to be.

I wanted to pursue a freelance career, in the hope that one day I would make a good living from my illustration work. My artwork had already been giving me a small side income. Plus, I had some digital marketing freelance work to prop up my income (I have over 15 years in the field of digital marketing so that has helped immensely).


  • Almost a year later where am I now? To coin that overused phrase “it’s been a journey.”

    I won’t go into the details but it has been fraught with a lot of downs but also a lot of ups too. I’m still 100% sure that I made the right decision last September. Additionally, in July this year, I also dropped the safe but boring digital marketing freelance work too. Now I’m really on my own!

    so, what have I learnt along the way.

    • Become Really Good (or as good as you can be) at Photography. You could be Michelangelo but if you can’t present your work beautifully and professionally, you’ll be ignored. Especially online. This is especially true for creative businesses: interior designers, bloggers, illustrators, jewellers etc.

    • Then get social. Instagram is one of the most important networks to be on as a creative business. Clients have found me and I have found them, by being on this network. However, don’t forget Pinterest, Facebook and even Twitter. With the algorithm change, it’s harder to be seen on Instagram, so it’s important to explore other platforms too.

    • Start and Maintain a Blog. This is the other place that has lead clients to my work. Share the projects you have been working on. What’s been inspiring your work? Your blog can also act as your portfolio.

    • Commit to posting regularly. With your new-found photography skills, you can use your lovely images on Instagram. Or you can use them in your blog post once a week.

    • Your weekly blog post and the images in it can then be pinned to Pinterest. Shared as links on Facebook and Twitter. All leading back to your blog, your portfolio and your all-important contact page.


My creative dream actually started 5 years ago. Well, actually 20 years if you include the years I really wanted to pursue my dream of becoming an artist and illustrator but chose a 'proper' job.

What I have learnt is there’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you’re passionate enough you’ll find the time to work towards your dream.

And eventually, your dream will find you.



Georgie St Clair | Art & Illustration








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