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Guest Blog-Curran Interior Design-Why Do you need an Interior Designer?

Guest Blog-Curran Interior Design-Why Do you need an Interior Designer?


As a one girl band, I run a teeny tiny interior design studio in Leicester and would describe my personal interior style as ‘dark vintage eclectic'.  However, when working with clients I am open to all interior preferences…although draw the line at shabby chic!

Going to university as a mother of 2 small boys in 2007 was a huge gamble but gained me a 1st class BA (Hons) in Interior Design of which I’m super proud.  Then the recession hit and I graduated with no real options for a design job unless I wanted to move to London…err daily commute not an option for the school run!  Worked as a project manager for a few retail design agencies to keep connected to the world of design but missed interiors so much so in 2014 decided to set up my own interior design business which has steadily  grown. Every day I love what my job is becoming (even though I’m still learning about all the other things you need in order to run a small business), but would not change a thing about my journey.  

I live in the real world where budgets are an issue and families make mess so always consider clients circumstances and design interiors for busy homes that are lived in and need spaces with personality that work efficiently, don’t cost a small mortgage to complete and look amazing.  I have been lucky to work on great projects with some utterly brilliant clients who have said the kindest things and am excited about what lies ahead for the future of Curran Interior Design. You can find out more here on Instagram or through the button below.

Who needs an interior designer anyway?

Interior design, interior architecture, interior decorator, interior stylist, cushion plumper… whatever you call it, really, it’s the missing link between architect, builder and home owner, but interior design can (if we’re honest) have a confused purpose and historically a stereotypical perception in the eyes of most people. ‘Changing Rooms’, I’m looking at you.

You have your architect plans finally approved for that extension you’ve been daydreaming of for months; the builder quotes are coming in (gulp) and you just are DYING to get started on looking at some paint charts so now what?

Interior design provides the positioning and detail to your intended layouts.  This means specifying the lighting and electrical plans as well as plumbing requirements and joinery information like doors and skirting as well as any other bespoke built items or made to measure furniture or fittings, then explaining exactly they will all go.  Next, its onto colour schemes and flooring options.  

After this is where the boundaries can get a bit blurred…furniture, soft furnishing and accessories are the next stage with the labels of interior designer, decorator, stylist beginning to overlap….

Unless your architect is working on the project to completion, it is likely that unless you have the internal positioning and detail already decided, your builder is going to be the one left to make the decisions SAY WHAT?  Yup while you are drooling over the latest Living etc., as the work progresses the internal detailing you will have to live with is already happening. 


So, what’s the big deal?


Well, knowing the furniture and design layouts for your rooms beforehand not only helps your budgeting but will save you the later irritation of not having enough power sockets in the right place, or lighting in the wrong position, or buying a sofa that’s too big or too small, or wishing you had a built-in cupboard in that corner, or the TV on another wall, made to measure curtains instead of roller blinds etc. etc. …you get the picture.


Even if you are not in the fortunate position of doing a full-on renovation, we all know how time consuming and stressful it can be to do a room makeover.  We all start will good intentions and think we can do it all in a day (cheers daytime TV) and end up frustrated that it doesn't look right or worse run out of energy to finish it.  A good designer can give you the layout options that you haven't considered and will push for your home to be an expression of YOUR personality not theirs. The skills an interior designer bring to a project are many but especially they will ensure you can avoid the biggest annoyance of wasted space, enhance the end result by exposing you to new materials and finishes but most importantly encourage creativity and confidence in your choices.


Often at a fraction of the cost of architect fees, interior design is a service that is truly appreciated after the project yet ironically is massively undervalued at the outset.  Look for an interior design who is a registered member or associate of a recognised organisation such The British Institute of Interior Design who are the only professional organisation for interior designers in the UK.


Spaces take a while to feel finished, it evolves over time and honestly personality is KING when it comes to your home, but having a good layout planned means that your time is spent doing the fun stuff.  The art arranging, filling the space with amazing accessories and treasured finds, the faffing and the cushion plumping - no interior designer required.

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