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Why I have a thing about Wallpaper

Why I have a thing about Wallpaper

Wallpaper trends come and go, however big bold wallpapers are definitely coming back in fashion for 2018-2019. So, whether you are a floral lover or prefer metallics or pattern, you can find a massive array of papers to suit your needs and shouldn’t be afraid to embrace as much pattern as you like to. 

But how do you go about choosing wallpaper and using it in your home?

Since my home is a reflection of my personality which does not change with the seasons, I tend to choose paper I love, that "speaks" to me and where I feel like I can incorporate it into my home, amongst all the things I already have.

If I were decorating from scratch, I might choose differently, but when you already have furniture and the bones of the room in place, it is very unlikely that you or I would have the money to start again, therefore in the "real world" it’s about finding something that works for you in the scheme that you have and I talk about some of the thought process behind that here.

I have wallpaper in every room in my house, just about. I use it to add texture and pattern to my room schemes, or colour, sometimes to lift a room, especially as I lean to the dark side. 

So where do I source my wallpaper and what brands might you look to, to find stunning wallpaper for your home. Naturally, there are a wealth or sources; Wallpaperdirecthas a vast array of wallpapers for you to choose from and there are big brand names such as Cole and SonOsbourne and LittleDesigners GuildHarlequin, Farrow and Ball,Mathew Williamsonand Romo to name a few and I have used wallpaper from some of these brands in my home.

But today I'm focusing on some different brands, perhaps those starting out with their first collection or unusual and different brands, that I had not come across before, or that I have only recently added to my home.

House of Hackney

One of the go to places at the moment for cool statement wallpaper. In 2011, House of Hackneywas founded by husband-and-wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley. With a background in fashion and product design, they decided to create what they had been searching for in interiors; a brand which championed print, colour and texture, taking inspiration from the past while making a modern statement. A nod to the maximalist trend, to embrace pattern and colour.  In 2015, House of Hackney was approached by the William Morris Gallery with the brief to reimagine William Morris for a new generation.

Lucy Tiffney

Lucy Tiffney  is an instinctive designer with a unique, spontaneous and vibrant style. Last year she was a finalist on The BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge.

Lucy now works as an Interior Designer and mural artist. Following the response from the show and the success of the murals she has created a new range of wallpapers, which are fresh, lively, colourful and inspired by her ‘paintings on the walls’. You can read more about Lucy's journey here

The Loft and Us

Rebecca launched The Loft and Us in 2015 with the concept of creating bold, eclectic and unique designs for the home guaranteed to make a statement.  She designs all the art prints, wallpaper designs and homeware herself. Rebecca’s ethos behind the brand is to simply have fun with your interiors, as they’re ultimately an extension of you. She see’s her designs as almost a prescription for the home banishing boring magnolia and beige wherever possible!" You can read more about Rebecca here

The Jungalow

JUSTINA BLAKENEY is a designer, artist and author. JUNGALOW is her home, Design studio, shop, blog, and brand that celebrates colour, pattern and plants.


Finnish design collective FEATHR are on a mission to fill the world with more art and are collaborating with contemporary artists to create original wallpaper and fabrics. 

Founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Anne & Tom Puukko, along with Creative Director, Oliver Green,  FEATHR has been named as Elle Decor's "new favorite wallpaper", been picked as Helsinki's Hottest Start-Up and awarded no.2 spot at the H&G Wallpaper of the Year Awards 2016. You can read more about them here


Sandberg is a Swedish design company who passionately believe in sustainability, people and that the home is the starting point for well-being. They design and manufacture wallpaper and accessories in their own factory in Ulricehamn.

Divine Savages

Divine Savages was founded in South East London in 2016 by husbands Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy. They share a passion for quirky interiors and styling and set out to design to create a new brand for the artistic shopper; a brand that mixes influences from classic prints, bold fashion and iconic modern design yet always with their signature Divine Savages twist.  

Black Parrot Studio

Sarah and Alexa, are friends, who together have turned their lifelong passion for interior’s and garden design into Black Parrots Studio. They offer a thoughtful approach to projects, creating personal and inspiring interiors for their clients. At Black Parrots Studio they understand the positive impact a well designed space can have on how you live, work and feel.

Rebel Walls

Offer an extensive range of wallpapers and murals, ranging from forest landscapes to concrete walls and world maps.

They love wallpaper production and believe that design is experienced all the way to the wall. That is why they have chosen to control the whole process from design to production and delivery of your unique wallpaper.

For each unique wallpaper created, Rebel Walls donates money to Habitat for Humanity to help people build their own homes.

Neisha Crosland

Neisha Crosland is recognised for her unusual colour combinations, oversized graphics and the symmetrical geometric motifs inspired by nature that characterise her designs. In 2006 she was honoured with the title Royal Designer for Industry (RDI).

She started her own textile company designing scarves and accessories in 1994, and has gone on to design fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, tiles, fine china and stationery.


Mind The Gap

MINDTHEGAP is a brand designing and manufacturing home accessories with eclectic collections and unique designs. They do not advocate a single style and try to combine an array of different elements with a goal of creating something new.


Merci offers three collections of original wallpaper, published by NLXL. Sometimes industrial, sometimes more traditional, wallpaper for a wall or entire room.

Anna Hayman Designs

Intent on creating a print design house that can adapt easily and naturally to specific projects, Anna's latest wallpapers are a stunning compliment to the amazing lampshades she produces and you can read more here

So, there you go a whistle stop tour round some of my favourite brands in wallpaper today.


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