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Jan Skácelík of Restyle Art

Jan Skácelík of Restyle Art

Do you find that it's often true that an artist's home reflects the style of their artwork?  or is it the other way around?

With a love of mid-century modern and Scandinavian design, and a colourful vintage, boho vibe, I think Jan Skácelík's homes does just that.

"Decorating your home is almost like a never-ending story and it is also a hard work to do. I am still missing so many lamps, furniture pieces, wall decor and other things around the place." says Jan, who in addition to producing art, is a stylist, photographer and blogger. You can read his blog here.

Based in the Czech Republic, Jan Skácelík is a designer and creative behind his brand Restyleart and his ReStyle prints. ReStyle was started back in 2010 as a small poster project of Jan, who has worked in the graphic design industry since 2002, and is passionate collector of mid-century modern design and pop culture items, on which he bases his art.

But his home is ever evolving, as he finds new loves and hobbies. Plants and rugs are a particular passion of his at the moment and you will see these throughout these colourful pictures of this home, alongside some amazing vintage furniture, lighting and homewares.



The white walls and high ceilings, serve as a great backdrop to emphasise the colour in each room, the rugs and Jan's art, especially. In the two pictures above you can see original artwork on top of the radiator and propped against it, fitting harmoniously in the room.

Different coloured rugs fill the floor space and each surface is full of amazing collectables. The vast collection of vintage items keeps the eye moving and create interest in each of the rooms.

Vintage and Mid-Century furniture in warm wood tones "warm up" the space, as does the parquet flooring.




My name is Jan Skácelík and I am a graphic designer, artist, interior design fan, and photographer. 

For the past 7 years I have had a brand ReStyle and shop where I sell my prints with you can shop here. These prints reflect my passion for Scandinavian aesthetics, mid-century modern design, and pop culture. Being a huge collector of vintage design items, my home also serves as a storage space for my collections and as you can see, oriental rugs are my latest obsession. 



This obsession has grown so far, that I opened my new home store (website coming soon) with vintage rugs, ceramics, and various design items. On top of this, I am finally offering some of my paintings and other art pieces.

I would say that my style developed from mid-century and Scandinavian to a scandiboho with a strong emphasis on the houseplants and cacti. In my opinion, plants can really make a huge impact in any interior and they should not be neglected.


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