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Susanna Hawkins, A Scandi Maximialist

Susanna Hawkins, A Scandi Maximialist

Tonight's Home Tour is with Susanna Hawkins otherwise known as Shnordic, product stylist, photographer and content creator. Being Scandinavian, Susanna's beautiful home is based on elements of scandi design but rather than being a minimalist with clean lines, she has more maximalist tendencies and this creates a light filled home that is also extremely cosy.

If I were to embrace Scandi design, in that second home I dream of, by the sea, when I win the lottery, this is exactly the type of style I'd want to use. I absolutely love the use of objects and texture to add a cosiness, something I simply can't live without.

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Susanna's home is painted a mixture of neutral colours in white and pink, but she softens the colours with the texture of wood, dark leather, the use of rugs and textiles a plenty and the black accessories she adds to her home, be it chairs, picture frames, her wooden burner, a kitchen cabinet, all add depth to her home. Her concrete floor and the use of lighting also add to the cosy "feel" of her home.

This is a home that is enhanced by different textures. You will also find vases filled with flowers complimenting her colour scheme and plants.

Let's hear from Susanna.

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Hi, I'm Susanna, a neuroscientist in my previous life, but now I do lifestyle and product styling and photography for creative businesses as well as social media content creation.

I live in South East England, in a Victorian House with my husband, two kids and Ebba, the cat.

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My style is pretty relaxed and my interiors has just sort of come together without much planning. I'm not too keen on too perfect interiors where everything is matched.

I'm Scandinavian so I love light and clean lines but I'm more of a maximalist than minimalist so I like to describe my style as Scandimaximalist.

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