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The Indigo House

The Indigo House

Today's Home Tour is my last one of the year, before I head into my first anniversary. This home belongs to Laura Higham of The Indigo House, aptly named due to her use of colour.

Laura chose the head over the heart when buying her home and sensibly lived in it for a year before deciding on how to decorate it. Working with what she had, she had budgeted and thrifted to create a beautiful cosy home.

Instead of ripping out her kitchen she kept it and worked with what she had. Making and up cycling furniture has helped stretch the budget.

Read on to find out more about hr home and her inspiration.


Hi, I'm Laura Highman and this is the Indigo House. We move into our house 2 years ago now. It wasn’t a house that I immediately fell in love with but it ticked almost all the boxes with plenty of potential, so I would say it was the practical choice.

We didn’t do anything for the first year, one, due to funds, but also, I was determined to learn from previous mistakes and not rush into making any decisions when it came to renovating/decorating. We just wanted to see how the house worked for us and how we used the space.


We are now slowly working our way through the house. I am a great believer in working with what you have. Yes, I would have loved to have ripped our kitchen out and started again but that wasn’t an option, so it was figuring out how we could re-work it, all on a budget. 


We’re really happy with the results, so this is the ethos we have applied to the rest of the house. We’ve made several items of furniture in the house, we’ve up-cycled and sourced cheap or free items where we’ve been able to.

I hope it shows that you really don’t need a big budget to make a house your home, a little bit of creativity goes a long way.


I would say my style is eclectic, I like a mix of styles; Scandinavian, Industrial, Mid Century, basically our home is mix of things we love and think work well together, which is the way I think it should be. 


My go to for home inspiration is definitely Instagram, there are so many wonderful accounts and beautiful homes, and so many creative people. I also love Pinterest and buy several interior magazines each month.


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