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My New Living Room Rug, with Modern Rugs

My New Living Room Rug, with Modern Rugs

I'm a Colour Girl. There is no denying this. I've tried neutral. I've tried pale and interesting but I keep coming back to the fact that, for me, a home has to be colourful.

I lean towards Autumn colours, I may have pink and blue in my home, but my heart sings at ochre, green, brown, grey, plum, all the deep rich colours that bring to mind the riot of colour we see in our trees in the Autumn.

In my living room, the walls are grey, the ceiling white and, with the exception of my Green Sofa, the furniture neutral. I could repaint my walls, certainly there is a trend away from Downpipe at the moment, but actually I never follow trends, and this colour compliments my Green Sofa beautifully, so it is staying.

Therefore, I’ve been gradually adding more colour to this room though accessories, cushions, throws, and today I'm showcasing my new rug.

The theme is very much about complimenting my Green Sofa with Autumn colours. It may be summer but over here in this house, this room, I'm getting ready for the cold weather. This room will be where we light the fire and curl up with a good book or to watch a movie and cosy is the name of the game.

DSC_0639 copy.jpg

I originally had a Beni Ourain Rug in here, which is beautiful and cosy but at the time I bought it, I got the largest size I could afford, which was slightly too small for the space. The rug is also made of wool, and while I love natural fibres, cream wool rugs just don't match well with young messy boys.

Kate Watson Smyth of @mad_about_the_house always advocates buying the largest rug that you can, to make an impact in your room and I have to agree with this sentiment, since now my new rug is in situ, it has not only brought together the colours in my accessories, across the room, but it has lightened and brightened the space.


The rug I have chosen is the Ravelloby Modern Rugs (you can see a close up below) and it is still neutral at its heart (cream in fact), but has yellow, terracotta and brown running through it. I chose a 160cm by 200cm rug, which is a great size but still leaves enough space around the sides so you can see the carpet.

The Terracotta picks up on the light tan of my Imola Chair (look at the picture above to see how well that works), the brown in my Distinctive Chesterfield Sofa and the yellow in my cushions and throw on the Green Sofa.


DSC_0653 copy.jpg

My rug is also surprisingly durable, something that is really important with two young boys in the house. It is 100% polypropylene ply, machine woven to a pile thickness of 20mm, so it feels soft under foot, yet will be easily cleaned when the boys, as the inevitably sometimes do, forget to take off their shoes and trail mud through.


DSC_0638 copy.jpg

The Ravello Rug is made by Schoner Wohnen which, as the name indicates, is one of Germany's leading luxury brands who have been making rugs for 140 years. Their aim is to make rugs with exacting design, high quality and high-performance characteristics using innovative ideas, and high-quality craftsmanship. 


My rug came from Modern Rugs, which is a leading online retailer, with an extensive range of high quality rugs at reasonable prices. You can search their website by colour (as I did) or by the type of rug you want; Modern, Traditional, Hallway Runner and so on.


DSC_0654 copy.jpg

And, I learnt a huge amount when choosing my rug. Did you know there are so many different types of rugs?

From Hand Loomed to Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted; Berber hand knotted and Nepal hand Knotted to Flat weave, Machine Made to Hides and Sisal rugs, I honestly had no idea where to start.

But if you take the premise that my rug had to be durable, this is a high traffic area, then machine made was a more likely choice for me, so I chose based on characteristics important to me; the colour and the look of the rug and what it would add to my space. 

Because the right rug, the right colour and design for your space, will really lift a room.

I’d love to know what you think of my choice!

DSC_0638 copy.jpg
DSC_0666 copy.jpg

This rug was gifted but I would only choose to accept gifts and items for my home, that I truly love and would purchase myself had it not been a gift.


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