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Gemma's Colourful and Quirky Home

Gemma's Colourful and Quirky Home

Tonight's home tour is Gemma from @luxeinthecottage who has transformed her small cottage into a spacious family home with an eclectic style. Describing herself as fearless when it comes to decor, this confidence is so important, as trying out new ideas is what creates your own style, it's how you understand what is you and if the worst thing happens and you make a mistake? you can paint it back again.

Most of us interior "nuts" like to tinker, to try things, to restyle often, to work out when things work best, even if you re-arrange the room and end up putting it all back again; you've learnt something.

Go enjoy the tour!

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Hello, I'm Gemma, I'm originally from Essex but now live in a tiny village in North Yorkshire.  I met the man responsible for bringing me to the North when we worked for the same company.  He had a lovely bum and that was that really.  6 months later we'd relocated and 8 years later we have two children and an array of animals to look after.  We are huge animal lovers and our pets are an integral part of our family.  If you come to our house you will always find yourself greeted my much enthusiasm and licking.  And that's just from me!

I have a very eclectic sense of style.  I don't feel constrained by fear.  People are forever telling me how brave I am with the decisions I make in terms of interior design.  I have to admit I don't really see it though!  My belief is that if I don't like something I can change it. Nothing is set in stone.  Unless it's a really expensive kitchen I guess...but then to be honest I'd probably still have a go at tinkering with it in some way if I didn't like it!


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My Inspiration

I see inspiration absolutely everywhere!  I love everything to do with home interiors.  So, if I'm staying at a hotel or visiting a nice restaurant, I'll always notice the surroundings very keenly.  I buy A LOT of home magazines.  The amount of money I've spent on them in the last few years could probably pay a large chunk of my mortgage off!  I adore looking at other people's homes.  I appreciate all styles - maximalist, minimalist, boho....  I think your home should make you happy.  Simple as that.  You can't please everyone and the only person who really matters is you.

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My New Shop


I work in the finance industry currently.  This is a heavily regulated and controlled sector.  To be able to find something that I love so passionately in my (sssshhh) late 30s is awesome.  I made a promise to myself to go for it with all guns blazing.  I figured what's the worst that can happen?  And the best that can happen is that I can spread my love for all things interiors and share it with like-minded people.  This would be a dream come true.  I don't want to be a millionaire.  I don't want to tell people what to do with their homes or how they should decorate.  I'm at my happiest in my scruffy clothes, sanding down an old sideboard to make it beautiful once more.  

Our online shop will represent my beliefs that your home should be as individual as you are.  It will be a carefully considered and curated range of pieces that I would have in my own home.  There will also be vintage one offs and amazing artwork from a talented young individual who I am thrilled to be working with.  We have a soft launch the beginning of March and from there hopefully it will be onwards and upwards!

Watch this space, shop is launching 1st March and you will be able to shop through Gemma's site below!

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My House

The original part of the cottage dates back over 180 years.  It has been extended much over the years, mostly in the 80s and a large proportion of it poorly executed.  When we moved in the heating didn't work properly, we had gale force winds blowing through the gaps around doors and windows.  But it had an amazing view and a homely feel.  

It was a few years before we had organised our plans for the extension and renovation.  It had grown considerably from a modest orangery to a full on total house renovation.  Included in this was a large rear extension, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new Windows, exterior facelift, front porch, stair overhaul and upstairs layout changes.  We moved out of the house for 6 months whilst the work was being done.

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Gemma has done an amazing job of bringing her old cottage right up to date. Her use of colour, and quirky additions sit beautifully alongside the more traditional elements of her home, something that I understand all to well!


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