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JT Collings' Scandi, Rustic Home

JT Collings' Scandi, Rustic Home

Today's home tour is the scandi, rustic home of JT Collings and interiors obsessed student and a man. Given the fact my husband wouldn't know how to design an interior if his life depended on it, it's wonderful to see such inspiration and style. I love that they have added features to their new build that make it cosy and welcoming

Go enjoy the tour!

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I’m currently a student in university studying Health and Life Sciences. Usually when people hear what I study and what my career interests are, they’re surprised as it’s a huge contrast to my love of interiors, but for me interior design is a hobby and really, I use it as an escape and a way to relax. 

I moved into our house almost 2 years ago with my partner Max and our beagle-cross, Rocco. It is a 2-bedroom new build on a new development and when we moved in it was a total blank canvas. Everything was white and the floors were still concrete. 


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I wanted to design a home that was based purely on functionality and was easy to maintain. It was also very important to us that the home felt calming and cosy. I’ve experimented with a few different styles and colours while we’ve lived here but have found that what works best for us is a neutral pallet of soft greys and whites. In each room, I have kept all the walls painted white to allow plenty of natural light to flood in, but with a feature wall (painted in Manor House Grey by Farrow and ball) to give some contrast and create a warmer feeling. 


One of my favourite projects in the House is our reclaimed wood fireplace. We built this using pieces of reclaimed wood which are screwed into 2x4’s on the wall. As is usual with new build properties, each room was very boxy and plain and there was no focal point, so I love that the fireplace has given an accent to set the room off. 

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I love to incorporate art into each room but I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to hanging art so I love to use Ikea picture ledges as they allow for art and objects to be displayed without having to hammer nails into the wall and spend time filling in the holes every time I fancy a re-arrange. 

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I would say my inspiration comes from Scandinavian interiors, I love the clean lines and balance in their style and how everything is designed around functionality and ease of living. I’m also a huge fan of industrial interiors such as warehouse conversions and their use of raw materials. To incorporate this into our home I used a concrete effect wallpaper in the bedroom, rather than just painting the wall, and I love effect it gives and how the texture sets the room off from the others. 


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I love the changes that JT has made to what was a bland new build home; the addition of grey, the soothing colours and the rustic elements such as their fireplace wall all make this a cosy and inviting home.



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