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Wendy Gray Thomas Dark and Moody Home filled with Thrifted Finds

Wendy Gray Thomas Dark and Moody Home filled with Thrifted Finds

Wendy Gray Thomas was one of the first people in the USA that I followed on Instagram for her rich and vibrant home, full of history and treasures. I love the moody colours, the art and the thrifted finds, plus Wendy's house has so much character evident in the woodwork, the fireplaces and yes, the hideaway in the loft. Wendy, like me has the constant pull between the light and the dark side of interiors, evident in the first picture below, the dark living room and the lighter pink dining room which she only recently painted.

You can view Wendy's home here.

And Wendy has just launched her own Etsy shop, selling items she loves.

So, go and enjoy finding out about Wendy's home! Find out how she moved in with virtually nothing and has thrifted her way to a gorgeous family home.

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Hello, it’s Wendy from Banks of the Wabash. When I moved into my rental apartment 3 years ago, I arrived with a sofa, lamp, side table and a few pieces of pottery and books. I’ve spent the time since scouring thrift stores, antique shops and estate sales to create a warm and cosy home for my children and myself. We’ve had lots of adventures (drug dealer on the run from the police unknowingly living in our attic for 6 months just to name one), but it’s been deeply satisfying to bring a beautiful, old home back to life with love and lots of paint! 

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I’m a social studies instructor at a high school for at risk teens during the day, dementia care taker for the sweetest and sassiest woman in the evenings and mom to the most amazing four kids ever. Arranging and rearranging my furniture and painting my walls a different colour every year keeps me sane! 

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The dining room with its massive wall to wall built in cabinet and leaded glass doors is my favourite room in the house. This room also has a smaller built in china cabinet and pocket doors with bevelled glass separating the dining room from the living area. I especially love the fireplace with its original tile and curved wood design with built in cabinets flanking both sides in the living room. 


The living room is the hardest working room in our house as there’s not a separate family room or playroom. My bedroom is painted a dark and moody blue green and is a respite at the end of the day. The rattan chair was my find of the century, but just recently put it up for sale, as sadly, I don’t have the space for it.

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When I first saw this apartment, I knew immediately that beneath the layers of peeling, stained wallpaper and wall to wall red carpet that there was potential for turning this run-down rental into a home for myself and my children. 


Several people were baffled when I told them I was going to move into this apartment. “Why on earth would you want to live in such a dump?” they asked. There was trash spilling over the front porch, and my duplex neighbours were notorious for their frequent run-ins with the law. It’s still not even close to perfect and it’s not our forever home, but I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal to create a warm and cosy home for my family. 


Thanks so much for sharing your home with me Wendy.


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