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Michel Lott, Editor of Casa Vogue Brazil

Michel Lott, Editor of Casa Vogue Brazil

The changes are in us, even when it comes to decoration!


I still remember how I felt when I wrote my first story for Casa Vogue Brazil, almost four years ago. At that time, I was 100% sure that I wasn’t made for a world of aesthetics, fancy design, hi-end art and dreamlike lifestyle. I couldn't be more wrong. In a matter of weeks, I already learned how to spell Philippe Starck and Hella Jongerius perfectly. It is easy to fall in love with the beauty even when you don’t actually have the money to buy it.

Since then I also learned that everything we see around us can tell a story in itself, and even small spots of colour means something. Our lives are led by behaviour and aesthetic trends. And once we understand it, we start to see the world in a different way and everything seems to make more sense.

Editor of Casa Vogue Brasil. Michel Lott

Editor of Casa Vogue Brasil. Michel Lott

I saw it happening in my own house, which I call affectionately #casinhacosmica. I started to notice that the visual changes that took place in my living room or in my backyard in 2017 were directly connected with the changes our planet is passing through.


Back at the beginning of the year, I started to feel an urge for re-evaluating everything around me. In this re-evaluating process, dozens of objects collected around the world, wallpapers, furniture of different styles, frames on the wall and a lot of things that used to mean a lot to me… were gone.

It started with my bedroom. I had two kinds of wallpaper and 3 paint colours on the walls. I had more than 60 frames and objects hanging there. Even my bedding was full of visual information: the more patterns the better. 

One day I decided to dress the bed in bold yellow, and to cover the walls and the ceiling in bright green, and to take away everything hanging in the walls, except for an art déco inspired mirror that replaced a baroque one that used to be by the side of the door. 


This was the representation of what I needed to change in my life. I was exercising a more minimalistic version of myself. I needed space so new things could come. It was a feeling that came from the inside… just like a lot of other people around the world. Observing the fact that people around the world are leaving behind their stuff and even their houses in search of freedom and lightness in their lives. Subjects such as minimalism and nomadism had never been so in evidence. It a worldwide phenomenon. And I felt connected. 


Later, it was my backyard`s turn. I didn't know why, but suddenly I started to feel like I needed to be surrounded by plants. Quickly I transformed my dumping ground "lookalike" backyard into a little garden so I could spend time there with my friends. I painted the walls black, put fake grass on the floor and started to collect plants in different colours, especially the red ones. It was the Urban Jungle trend putting its spell on me.


For last, but not least, it was the turn of my living room to be changed. It is finally finished -  I had a new carpet and my collection of dried plant was finally coming together. 

But the major colour trend of 2017 took me strongly: suddenly I was all dressed up in earthy tones, in love with wicker chairs and painting the walls of my living room in a warm and pinky shade of terracotta. I painted everything, even the ceiling and the doors, in a monochromatic powerful effect.

The result looked fresh and ancient at the same time. Powerful and soft. You could feel like you're lying on our mother's lap. And that is exactly what this trend is about: reconnection. When we surround ourselves in earthy colours, we are trying to not listen all the noise from our over digitalized society - especially our smartphones - and listen to ourselves. Then we are in the present. Isn't it beautiful?


So, this is what I learned rearranging my house through 2017: everybody is affected by the changes of the world. And everyone's houses and clothes are affected by our inner changes. And changes are good. Even when we talk about aesthetics, they help us to understand what we are going through. What did you change in your house this year? Does it tell you a message? I bet it does.


By Michell Lott


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