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Virpi Larmila's Moody and Beautiful Home

Virpi Larmila's Moody and Beautiful Home

Ever come across an interior account where the pictures are so beautiful they stop you in your tracks?  This is such an account, belonging to Virpi Larmila, where the moody and beautifully styled shots are a sight to behold.

Go enjoy the home tour.


We live in Finland in the area that is called Lakeland because it has so many lakes. Our house is old Fisherman's cottage which we have torn down and rebuilt. Because of Its history we have strong coastal vibes in our interior. Fisherman's cottages used to be black outside, and we painted our house dark purple, grey. It looks almost black in the winter. 


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My husband is a carpenter and we design and create lots of our homes interior stuff together. He has handmade the stairway and many of our furniture.

I'm a journalist, being a stay home mom now for our little fellows Aamos 3 and Eliot 1. During this time at home I got interested in interior design and business and started doing it as a freelancer. It's so much fun!!



And since Virpi is the "Queen" of interior shot styling, I've included some of her Christmas Shots to really get you in the mood.


The Girl with The Green Sofa

Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise-Two Maximalist Christmas Tables

Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise-Two Maximalist Christmas Tables

Spotlight on Cox and Cox

Spotlight on Cox and Cox