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How I won the Pink War in a House Full of Boys

How I won the Pink War in a House Full of Boys

Pink is a colour that is automatically associated with girls and strikes horror into most males especially those of school age. It wasn't so long ago that for my youngest son Alfie, pink was his favourite colour. At Pre-school he was fond of dressing up in princess clothes and playing with dolls, but the move to main school brought a hatred of the colour and an onslaught of power rangers and superheroes. I look back wistfully on the times I had a chance to do girly things with my kids, albeit very briefly.

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So how do I manage to get away with using pink in a house full of boys where BLUE is their absolute favourite colour. Well, recently I announced that I was going to add pink to my dining room, perhaps on the walls, and was met with incredulity akin to me having murdered someone! "You can't do that mum" "we hate pink mum" "it will be so embarrassing mum" and so I forever reap the inclusion of my kids in my recent interiors foray out of the closet. 

But you don't have to paint your walls to include pink in you home. I'm going to include my recent kitchen and guest bedroom makeovers to show you how I have included the colour to the point where they don't really notice. I haven't painted out a wall or added wallpaper in pink, but its enough for me to feel like I've added the colour and gotten away with it!

Its also helped by the fact I upgraded both rooms while they were out on trips with their Dad, so it was all over before any of them returned home. Shhhhh! don't tell them my number one tip for getting away with anything interiors: stealth!


My guest bedroom had always been painted a deep navy blue; Rivington Blue by Abigail Ahern.  If you read the piece about the paint you will see Rivington Blue is a powerful and enriching shade that evokes an instant sense of calm and well-being. Soft with immense warmth, it's also deeply mysterious and a little elusive. Great in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

In fact it is quite a masculine blue and a great contrast to pink. So I started with this base colour and moved onto the rest of the room, on the assumption that if the vast majority of the room was BLUE, their favourite colour, I could get away with some pink.

I had fallen in love with wallpaper from one of my favourite online stores Feathr,  seen below and here

 English Rose Wallpaper designed by Reeta Ek

English Rose Wallpaper designed by Reeta Ek

The rose colour is actually peach and so while my boys might think that I was including pink, (peach is pink to them right?) technically it wasn't and hence I was able to win the argument. I put this wallpaper up while they were away at Scarborough for the day, possibly the hottest day of the year, but once it was up, there was no chance to complain about it. I always love to feature a striking piece of wallpaper in any room and by only using one wall, I wasn't over "girlifying" the room.

Now with accessories you can really get away with pink, as you can always use the argument that they are temporary, can be changed if you don't like them, and before you know it they are part of the furniture and the boys no longer notice. In this room, I went to some of my favourite suppliers  Bag and Bones also featured on the blog here and Age of Reason studios, featured on a separately released corresponding blog post here. I chose a pair of neon lips in pink (cool not girly) and an eye cushion in blue plus a "love is the drug" cushion in pink and white (again cool not girly).

The bed got a new set of bedlinen from Piglet in Bed featured here and a pompom blanket from Darbeida Morocco. I also added a very large art print from Pati Robins  in a vintage frame, some pink faux flowers and a flamingo carnival light. The furniture is vintage up cycled by me.



On the other side of the room, a pink blanket and sheepskin sit on a chair. Behind the chair is my picture wall with prints from Desenio and Weramused. An Abigail Ahern lamp and cactus finishes the look.

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Here you can see how rich the Rivington Blue is, teamed with a picture from Maren  Villa Betula with just a hint of pink, some more pink faux flowers and a pink moroccan basket, sitting on an industrial trolley.

 See, he doesn't notice the pink!

See, he doesn't notice the pink!

Now you might think that its easier to get away with pink in a guest bedroom, that hardly anyone goes in, but I also applied the same rules to my kitchen/dining room, the heart of any family home. Here I'd also used Rivington Blue By Abigail Ahern on the walls, mixed with turquoise of the mud bead chandelier and turqoise art, a mix of vintage and new.

 A  Bramwell Brown  Clock sits on this  wall .  and a vintage mud cloth on the table from  DK Renewa l 

A Bramwell Brown Clock sits on this wall.  and a vintage mud cloth on the table from DK Renewa

This I didn't change, but I added wallpaper from Lucy Tiffany an explosion of tropical colour. Lucy is featured here

 The paper was to the fireplace wall, and is largely turquoise to compliment the items I already have, but you will see pink running through it. 

You will also see my kids art wall which is a riot of colour, including pink hearts that they sent me for Valentines day!


The table legs were painted a dark pink and I added accessories such as this neon pink trimmed cushion by House of Neon  The bench is vintage wood picked up at my local salvage yard and I added metal legs from Tiptoe  . Neon, once again is used in the room, this time a"drink" sign from Rockett St George

 another pink cushion from  here  behind which can see my table makeover which you can read  here    
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another pink cushion from here behind which can see my table makeover which you can read here



Finally I up cycled an old cupboard I had in my room, painting it first blue, then pink and then giving it an aged affect I described in my blog post here 


So, there you go, a slightly tongue in cheek tour of my two recent makeovers which included one of my favourite colours PINK, while also satisfying the boys need for BLUE! I know I will have really won the war when I get to include a sofa like this one in my home. But until then, I will live with my little compromises.


The Girl with The Green Sofa


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