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How I've Styled my Home for Christmas- The Mantle

How I've Styled my Home for Christmas- The Mantle

One of the best things about my home, are the period features and we have two of these grand marble fireplaces; one in the living room and one in my kitchen. For as long as I have lived in this house, I've chosen to decorate them for Christmas.

Before I had two your kids and a full on job, I used to take the time to create floral masterpieces (in my mind at least), out of fresh foliage and eucalyptus. The smell was always divine but unfortunately if you started too early in the season, inevitably you would be replenishing and replacing often and expensively.

Now of course, faux foliage and flowers have come along way in terms of how real they look and I tend to have a fair selection in my home to play with, so I now tend to decorate my mantle with faux foliage; with the added bonus of 1) being already in my home therefore at zero cost 2) they don't need replacing.

My Fireplace pre-christmas decor

My Fireplace pre-christmas decor

So how do I go about decorating my mantle for the season? I've chosen my living room mantle to show you first as this is the one I tend to spend the most time on. Below you will see a selection of foliage; fir branches, eucalyptus, gold ivy, silver pine cones and more


I start by laying the fir branches along the mantle and adding the gold leaves on top as you can see in the shot above. By the fireplace I've got two gold trees (which I've had for years) and the kids' christmas sacks.


Next I add back some items such as candles, and stars, the black one is there year round and the gold star comes out for Christmas. I then start layering the eucalyptus branches at different angles along the mantle


I've added some gold trees and saltbush branches from Abigail Ahern. The brown foliage I also picked up there last season, you could choose to use any other foliage in similar colours and texture. The faux Eucalyptus you can pick up at Fox Flowers


The Bronze candle holders I picked up at TKmaxx.


Finally I've added silver fir cones to create more texture and there you go, in the space of about 10 minutes a Christmas Mantle.

Below, I will also show you how I've decorated my kitchen mantle; choosing to move away from the more traditional you see in my living room and go all out with colour and items but keeping the foliage simple.


Above I have chosen to only use Eucalyptus, plus some dried Hydrangeas and roses and some pomegrantes. To ensure it doesn't all collapse on the floor, I thread the leaves along the mantle through the items I already have on there (the glass domes, my neon) but I add blue tac to the stems which keeps them secure. Next I added some pink trees from Rockett St George and paper decorations from RE found objects. around the base of the fire I've wrapped some old cardboard boxes in wrapping paper from Paperchase


The lights are from Cable and Cotton


And finally I am a firm believer that foliage should not just be for mantles. Below you can see I've also styled the shelf behind my table to match in with my dining room mantle; eucalyptus, candles and pink trees


How do you style your mantles as Christmas? do you use fresh or faux foliage or no foliage at all?


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Lauren Sharkey @doer.upper

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