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Christmas Styling with my Favourite Rockett St George Items

Christmas Styling with my Favourite Rockett St George Items

I've been a massive fan of Rockett St George Christmas items for years; items I have collected and which come out again and again because they are so versatile and dare I say it cool. They add that little something extra to your decor, perhaps a Christmas table, a mantle or even a bar cart.

I'm going to run through some of my favourite items to show you how I have styled them in my home and if you want to shop the Rockett St George Christmas you can click through the button below

I Interviewed Jane Rockett and Lucy St George earlier in the year and you can read their inspiring journey here.

so who are Rockett St George?

Company founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George set up well renowned online interiors emporium in 2007 with a small offering of home-ware and gifts. Ten years later (and still best friends!) Rockett St George has revitalised the interiors market by enabling customers to break free from chain store offerings and help stamp personality into their homes. The online store is a treasure trove of oddities and curiosities collected from designers and manufacturers from around the world. Their cleverly curated collections are a firm favourite of the press and interior designers, as well as their loyal customer base.

Paint charts, home magazines, material swatches and the latest car boot finds would be spread all over the sitting room where Lucy and Jane would be drinking wine and planning their latest re-design. Hours were spent browsing antique shops, flea markets and car boot sales looking for unique finds until they both hit on the same idea – to start an online shop! Today there is a team of over 30 people, 5 warehouses, a collection of over 3500 products and 10 successful catalogues.

In recent years, Jane and Lucy have launched pop-up collections within the most prestigious London department stores - they dominated the Fourth Floor at the famous Liberty London and more recently a concession at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. 

Favourite Item 1. The Rockett St George set of 6 pink Christmas Trees.

These are incredibly versatile and a little kitsch; they come in other fantastic colours but since my favourite was pink, and I rarely get to use pink in my house, I wanted to showcase these trees.


These work fantastically well on the Christmas Table. Here I have styled a maximalist Christmas Table, with foliage, fruit, beautiful dinnerware and glasses and the pink trees. I've used jewel colours that sit well against my navy walls; think pink, purple, blue and of course free foliage. For my wreaths, I used foliage from my garden; eucalyptus, and berries and added pomegranates, plums and figs which bring in rich jewel colours. I have filled vases with flowers; red/burgundy hydrangeas, eucalyptus, anemones, eryngium thistle, pink astrantia and burgundy leaves and added eucalyptus branches to the table. These are all fresh. In the back ground you can see I have added eucalyptus branches to my shelf. These are faux, since you don't want to be changing up decorations every week in the run up to Christmas. Candles are a pre-requisite.


Items in this shot; plates and bowls from H&M and Rose and Grey and Dassie Artisan. Cutlery from Addenda. Foliage, my own garden and The Green Room, my local florist


You can see more table styling below

Here, I have added the pink trees to my window ledge behind my bar cart, creating a lovely backdrop to the glasses and neon. Neon from Bag and Bones, I won at the nohouserules party. the bar trolley is from Vitrine 3.


And finally, the mantlepiece. Against my Lucy Tiffany vibrant wallpaper these trees are perfect. The Eucalyptus branches are faux and the drink sign is also by Rockett St George, which I will touch on below. I've added paper decorations in vibrant colours and dried hydrangeas.



Favourite Item 2. Rockett St George Neon.

Last year I lusted after a "hell yeah" neon which my friend @jazziere bought and then after searching the Rockett St George Website I realised I could design my own, which I did; a "drinks" neon, perfect for my dining room and perfect for Christmas. Neon plays a big part in my decor, not just at Christmas; it adds something different, something unique but it is especially perfect and cool for Christmas.

You can see it on my mantle below. If you want to shop the Rockett st George none you can here.

I also use a Neon Star on my Christmas Tree every year.



Favourite Item 3. Rockett St George Christmas Tree Decorations

I've collected my tree decorations over a number of years. In fact our family tradition is to added three new decorations per year; one chosen by each of my boys and one chosen by me. So, while I am showcasing my RSG christmas tree decorations, remember they do change them fairly often so one or two many no longer be available. However, there is plenty more choice here

Favourite Item 4. Honeycomb Balls

I bought these for the first time last year, but they are so versatile, I have bought some more. Here styled in the corner of my living room but these also look fabulous on a Banister


Favourite Item 5. Candles

Every time I show these Snow Doll Candles, i get loads of request for the source, so here they are; link to shop in the title.



So there you go, Christmas Styling with some of my favourite Rockett St George Items. What do you like best?


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